Top 10 Agency Projects You Need to See: July 2015

This month’s feature of our top 10 agency projects showcases some of the most creative and interesting agency work yet, ranging from President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign to the packaging redesign of Y Water.

This series was not created to highlight the most recent agency projects but an overall look at all the exciting work being done by agencies and design firms from across the Agency Spotter Platform.

So, in no particular order, here are the top 10 agency projects for July 2015.


1. Struck (Portland, OR) –

Struck and teamed up together to roll out a brand marketing campaign that consisted of multiple TV and digital spots, an e-commerce campaign, display units, social content and more. The main objective of the marketing campaign was to establish the company’s brand position and create a message that would resonate with their core audience.

To break away from industry standard messages of cheap! free! and disposable! glasses, Struck and chose to play on the emotional journey you take to find the perfect pair of glasses.


2. Smith Brothers Agency (Pittsburgh, PA) – Red Bull

Red Bull reached out to Smith Brothers Agency to lead the launch of three new Red Bull flavors – Cranberry, Lime and Blueberry. To create a digital experience that was in line with Red Bull’s promise of “Wings for Every Taste,” Smith Brothers created a video campaign entitled “Flight,” that expressed the vibrant energy of the new flavors by showing the new cans as a group of migrating birds.


3. Story Worldwide (New York, NY) – FXX



A year after Fox had launched FXX in 2013, the Network decided that the newly-created channel needed a kickstart to gain viewership and establish a much needed brand identity. To get the ball rolling, Fox planned to run a groundbreaking and Guinness World Record-setting television marathon featuring our favorite family – The Simpsons. All 552 episodes (Currently at 574) were shown back to back, 24 hours a day for 12 days.

To grow engagement and convert the Simpsons’ audience into FXX viewers, Fox needed the help of Story Worldwide. Story’s solution was a record-setting 288-hour continuous, live social media marathon covering every second of the event. The TV and social media campaign garnered over 10,000 Tweets over the 12 days, tons of fan and media coverage and a huge jump in FXX’s ratings from 49th to 3rd in the 18-49 age bracket.


4. zooom productions (Venice, CA) – Y Water

Y Water

Y Water is a small company based in Los Angeles that makes healthy drink alternatives for kids. zooom productions and Y Water teamed up to re-launch the brand so that they could appeal more to their target market – kids.

From packaging design to new copy and also a website redesign, zoom productions geared all promotions to target children. So the different flavors of Y Water, like Brain Water, had playful messages like “Doesn’t taste like actual brains.”


5. Primary Design (Haverhill, MA) – CharterSearch


CharterSearch, one of the most respected names in the air charter arrangement world, needed help building a new marketing plan. Primary Design was chosen to lead the efforts of the company’s brand makeover which consisted of developing a new logo, tagline, responsive website and marketing material to fit with the brand’s new visual image.


6. Leviathan (Chicago, IL) – BMW

Leviathan, the Chicago-based innovation and video shop, was tasked with creating a unique experience at BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience event. To leverage BMW’s recent partnership with Harman Kardon, a audio manufacturer, Leviathan created a inflatable projection dome that showed immersive content for the crowd of car enthusiasts at the event. Featuring 360° projected dome with 7.1 surround sound, the BMW Dome Experience toured over 8 cities reaching thousands of attendees nationwide.


7. Mutt Industries (Portland, OR) – Playstation


Last year, Mutt Industries and Playstation’s MLB TheShow ’14 partnered together to create a integrated marketing campaign for the launch of the new series in the game.

To drive buzz for the launch, Mutt Industries implemented a series of promotional videos and content featuring MLB players like Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen, and the hilariously funny actor, Danny McBride, who is know for playing a retired pitcher in the show Eastbound and Down. With these initiatives, MLB TheShow resulted in a 30% increase in sales over the previous year.


8. Hudson Integrated Web Agency (Saddle Brook, NJ) – Duralee


Duralee Fabrics approached Hudson Integrated Web Agency back in 2011 to fix their website. They found that is was hard for customers and even their sales team to find products and place orders. Hudson Integrated Web Agency designed a fully custom ecommerce website that was mobile friendly and easier for everyone to use.

Duralee saw immediate success with the new website, seeing a 145% increase in sales just 90 days after the new site went live.


9. Blue State Digital (New York, NY) – President Barack Obama 2012


Blue State Digital is the digital agency responsible for both Obama presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. While we all know the outcome of both campaigns, it was by no means an easy win for the President back in 2012.

Blue State Digital’s initiatives started with an updated logo and visual identity along with a brand new website. To create a compelling story and build on the past four years of the President’s time in office, Blue State Digital created a video to help voters feel more invested in the election and closer with the President. BSD’s attention to detail on emails and building tools like Quick Donate (one-click fundraising) and TargetShare (peer-to-peer advocacy tool) helped the Obama campaign raise a significant amount of funds and mobilize a large group of the population like never before.

We all know how the story ends from here.


10. Upshot (Chicago, IL) – New Balance

During the 2014 Boston Marathon, New Balance, in partnership with Upshot agency, stole the hearts and minds of everyone at the Marathon. To show love for their home city, New Balance embarked on a citywide takeover plastering every sidewalk and staircase with the #LoveBoston message.

This integrated campaign received tons of national attention and love from fans allowing New Balance to finish ahead of the competition.


More Agency Work

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