More Successful Connections Than Ever From Digital Agencies To Design Firms

When I started Agency Spotter a few years ago, it was always with the idea that we could help both marketers and agencies win. Last month was extremely exciting. We had so many success stories happening, I realized Agency Spotter has reached a milestone in growth where we are seeing successful matches happen on a regular basis, weekly if not daily.

I wanted to share a few of these success stories with you. If Agency Spotter has helped you, please let us know.

1. Tweet announces design firm won their first client through Agency Spotter

This made my day. Soon after that, we were even more excited to see that the client posted a fantastic review for JVM Design, a boutique design firm outside of Portland, focused on communication design and branding. Client reviews are one of the pieces of information that marketers love to share and really value on Agency Spotter. Posting a review is also a great way to help an agency that you really like on their path to growth.

jvm design client review

2. Blue State Digital becomes a serious contender for a major multi-year deal

Check out Blue State Digital’s portfolio on Agency Spotter

If you’re using our platform to find a digital partner, make sure you let the agency know you found them on Agency Spotter. This was a great example of how we can help connect the dots between online searching and real deals so a digital agency partner knows that Agency Spotter is helping marketing decision makers save time, build shortlists, and find them.

3. Agency starts call off saying they’ve already had success and are being considered for a deal with a national franchise

Most of my calls with agencies and design firms go great. We’re looking to help them, so it makes sense. If only every time I called an agency their managing director or head of business development started the conversation out this way. It is happening more often now than a year ago, so again, it is a fantastic sign.

I can’t reveal details on either side of this one yet due to the nature of the opportunity, but it wouldn’t be the first time we have helped a major franchise connect with a fantastic advertising agency.

celebrate successful agencies and marketers win win partnerships

When you’re in a startup and focused on growth, it can be easy to overlook the successes you’re having because you are always focused on what’s next. I know that it is the same when you’re leading a marketing effort focused on results or at an agency helping grow new business.

Remember, celebrating victories, however small are important for your team, your agency partners, and for you personally. We have helped countless people save real time and money, forge new partnerships, and deliver amazing results.

Help us celebrate more of successful connections.

Please send us an email, use the feedback form on the platform, or tell us about your success here.

Together, we are helping more businesses win, more marketers find success, and creating better partnerships for everyone. Thank you for being an active part of the Agency Spotter community on our marketer insights blog, on our Agency Spotter platform, and on our Agency Spotter Network – LinkedIn Group!

Brian Regienczuk
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