Top 10 Agency Projects You Need to See: October 2015

In this month’s feature of our top agency projects post, we are showcasing 10 projects from some of the top digital agencies in the country to the best design firms, along with two PR agencies.

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Enough about us, lets get right into the agency projects for this month!


1. Beeby Clark + Meyler (New York, NY) – Schick Hydro



Beeby Clark + Meyler teamed up with Schick Hydro to create the “Make It Epic” campaign. Featuring online YouTube influencers, the “Make It Epic” project focused on three passion points: epic eats, epic adventure, and epic funny. These themes gave the influencers a chance to tell their own “epic” stories through their own words.


2. Brandware Public Relations (Atlanta, GA) – Vespa


Vespa was slowly losing influence in the U.S. and Canada. So to help Vespa tighten their hold on the North American market, the brand turned to Brandware PR to lead efforts in increasing sales & overall awareness. Brandware quickly got started in creating a new community-powered online destination called “La Vespa Vita!” This community was a place where Vespa enthusiast could share Vespa-inspired content through their photos or stories.

The social media campaign was highlighted in top publication like Mashable and in the first three months, the “La Vespa Vita!” site drew more than 51,000 visitors and generated over 2,000 new sales leads.


3. Egg Design Partners (Waltham, MA) – Cybex


Cybex, a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, partnered with Egg Design Partners to create Cybex corporate brochures. Using high end materials, great design, and hard-hitting copy, the new brochures were a great hit with the Cybex sales team and proved to be very effective in the field.


4. Ketchum (New York, NY) – Wendy’s


Ketchum and Wendy’s launch, of the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger back in the Summer of 2013, was the companies most successful product launch in its 40 year history. Teaming up with former boyband member Nick Lachey, this integrated PR campaign featured an NYC PR event, digital live streaming, original music video content, and social media efforts.

Comprising tweets from real Wendy’s fans, Lachey used the tweets to make Pretzel Love Songs and sang them at an exclusive media event. With over 2,000 media placements, the campaign garnered over 8 million views, 2.2 billion impressions, and sales jumped 3.2%.


5. Nomadic Agency (Scottsdale, AZ) – Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi

Nomadic Agency was picked to support the re-launch of the Diet Pepsi brand. Efforts began with redesigning the website to become a integrated marketing hub where consumers could see brand content, daily prizes and easily share content.


6. Racepoint Global (Boston, MA) – ARM


ARM, one of the leading microprocessor technology companies in the world, turned to Racepoint Global to help introduce them to the technology press as the foremost leader in mobile chips. Already powering 95% of the mobile devices we use, ARM still had stiff competition with Intel in the market.

To get the campaign started, Racepoint sought to establish ARM as thought leaders in their respected space, but also continue to be the brand to lead conversation in the market. ARM was not only featured in the Wall-Street Journal, New York Times and Fortune Magazine, but they continued to receive over 30K pieces of media coverage in 2013.


7. Sagon Phior (Los Angeles, CA) – 360 Vodka


From product development to the brand’s launch, Sagon Phior helped 360 Vodka become the fastest-selling new vodka brand in the marketplace. Within nine months of the launch, the brand received distribution in 50 states and revenue increased into triple digits.


8. Shamlian Creative (Media, PA) – America West & Bank of America


In the world’s first-ever airline tray table advertising, Shamlian Creative, America West and Bank of America teamed up to introduce the America West FlightFund Visa Card. In this multi-channel campaign, tray tables were transformed into three popular America West destinations and from those trays, flyers were led to the in-flight magazine to find out more information about the card program.

The campaign was a huge success and was featured in over 200 print, broadcast and online media channel. Also from the success of the campaign, a national media strategy campaign was created targeting the Latina market.


9. THIS IS RED (Pittsburgh, PA) – Heinz


Heinz, one of the biggest brands in the nation, needed help reaching emerging markets. To find a solution, the company turned to THIS IS RED. Through research, THIS IS RED identified that Heinz needed to establish trust from household decision makers. To build that trust, THIS IS RED did a redesign of the brands website, content and social channels to reflects Heinz’s commitment to health and wellness.

Through social media campaigns and new content,’s monthly site traffic grew by 12% and bounce rates decreased significantly.


10. VLG (Plano, TX) – OnX


OnX, one of the leading providers of technology services and solutions, wanted to educate their audience about a unique product feature called “emergency preparation and disaster recovery services” for your business’ infrastructure and critical data.

To get the word out, OnX approached VLG to lead a marketing campaign that would yield results. Centered around the plastic army men theme, a dialog marketing program, microsite and direct mail tactics were used. The campaign resulted in at 15% hit rate, 38% click through rate and 14% call to action.


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