Top 10 Agency Projects You Need To See: December 2015

This months coverage of the top agency projects, we are featuring a wide variety of work from animation and advertising to packaging design + more.

Previous agency work is a big determining factor when marketers are searching for a new agency. It is a fast and easy way to gauge the type of work an agency produces but also to see what they are great at, the types of clients they’ve worked with and what industries they specialize in.

So next time when you’re searching for that new digital agency or video shop, be sure to leverage the projects in many Agency Spotter agency portfolio’s to help you figure out who to work with.


Creative Tonic – RYFT (Branding)

RYFT, a top provider of high performance hardware for organizations using complex data applications, engaged Creative Tonic to create a new brand identity for the company. From improving the brands website to overall identity, Creative Tonic settled on a black and white photorealistic style to differentiate the company from the bright colored logos of many tech companies.

Pam O’Neal, CMO of Ryft said, “Creative Tonic maximized every aspect of our brand and the results command attention. From cleverly crafted brand assets – including a tradeshow booth that drew record traffic – CT helped us stand out in the busy and cluttered big data market.” Find out more.


HyperDrive Interactive – Michael Angelo’s (WOMM)

Michael Angelo’s, a Italian frozen food company, approached HyperDrive Interactive to create a word of mouth campaign called the Taste & Tell program. The program was designed to inspire direct referrals and digital word of mouth activity from the brand’s most loyal customers.

Over 20,000 people were invited to participate, with about 10% of the participants being accepted into the Taste & Tell program. Many of the participants have gone to talk about their experiences on social media, and HyperDrive was able to collects notable responses from the surveys they received. The program continues to drive and grow fan engagement for the brand to this day. Find out more.

Taste & Tell

Barkley – DQ (Advertising)

With sales dropping and consumers heading to other fast food restaurants, Dairy Queen needed a marketing strategy to revitalize its customer base and set the company apart from its competitors. The solution was simple. People who eat at DQ weren’t customers, they were fans. And these fans would be the brand’s biggest advocate and the focus should be on them.

Barkley, an independent advertising shop located in Kansas City, put together the “Fan Food” campaign. The Campaign consisted of various commercials of fans interacting with DQ’s products, a full communication plan to rally employees and franchisees, and a social media and PR campaign that had DQ’s number one fan, Warren Buffet, serve the “First Blizzard of the Summer.”

Through the “Fan Food” campaign, DQ saw sales increase 14% since the launch of the campaign. Find out more.

Beacon121 Advertising – Lord Nut Levington (Branding)

Lord Nut Levington, a CPG startup that makes a “range of highly seasoned peanuts,” partnered with Beacon121 to rebrand the company’s packaging, social media and advertising efforts. Find out more.

Lord Nut

GA Creative – Microsoft Surface (Marketing Strategy)

GA Creative, a Washington State based branding and advertising agency, was tasked with launching the last three generations of Microsoft Surface devices. To meet client goals, the GA team put together a number of marketing assets consisting of emails, flyers, digital assets, decks, bundle offers, case studies and much more to deliver the Surface’s value prop to target markets around the world. Find out more.

Microsoft (1)

Piston – San Diego Chargers (Advertising)

The San Diego Chargers, known for great players like LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates, highflying offenses, and winning games (top 5 in wins over the past decade), were battling flat line in ticket sales over the years. With old marketing efforts and rumors of the franchise leaving San Diego, the relationship between the fans and football team were at an all time low.

The Chargers enlisted the help of Piston, a local digital agency, to help galvanize the city and put more fans back into the seats. Piston took the challenge head on and created the “We’re All In” campaign where fans would talk openly about the rumors and grievances that they had with the Organization, and in the process open the lines of communication and bring fans back to the stadium. Find out more.


Aatma – Brisk (Animation)

Brisk and Aatma Studio’s teamed up to create a 3D animated short to revitalize the legacy of the iced tea brand and also help launch the premiere of Star Wars Episode 1. Find out more.


Envoy – Nebraska Family Helpline (Advertising)

The Nebraska Family Helpline is a 24/7 free resource for parents across the state of Nebraska. With the number of calls decreasing over the years, the Helpline reached out to Envoy to increase the volume of calls and grow awareness with younger parents.

To meet these objectives, Envoy created a marketing campaign with a concept known as “Future Babies.” The basic premise of the campaign was to show that every kid with a problem was once a beautiful, happy baby. In the TV spot, a narrator tells viewers about the baby’s problematic “future story,” ultimately ending the spot with the memorable line, “Raising kids is hard. It’s ok to ask for advice.”

The campaign resulted in a 49% increase in call volume. Find out more.


Swim Creative – Bent Paddle (Packaging Design)

Bent Paddle, a craft beer brewing company located in Minnesota, turned to Swim Creative to revamp the look of their brand so they could compete with the million dollar ad budgets of other beer companies. Using Bent Paddle’s original “wood meets metal” design, the marketing agency was able to design cans that would rise above the competition. Find out more.

Bent Paddle

IndieWhip – Maxwell Health (Motion/Video)

IndieWhip, a top New England advertising agency specializing in video production, created this video to build momentum and traction around the launch of Maxwell Health’s new healthcare app.

Maxwell Health was eager to show off its cutting edge employee benefit platform, without creating the standard explainer video we are all used to seeing. Keeping diversity and simplicity as a key theme, IndieWhip created a world of everyday people in everyday situations, armed with the power of Maxwell. A strong sense of Maxwell branding plays out in every aspect of the design details throughout the spot. Find out more.


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