Top 7 Media Agencies from the Creative Media Awards

Introducing the top media agencies and their planning, buying and strategy campaigns…

Presented by MediaPost, the Creative Media Awards started 11 years ago when the Publication wanted to recognize the creative planning behind media projects and campaigns. With the idea to focus more on the execution of planning, buying and strategy, the Creative Media Awards shows us that the media process is just as creative as other marketing and digital campaigns.

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Best in Show: Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Ad CouncilI am a Witness

Goodby Silverstein & Partners won Best in Show for the I am a Witness campaign which was a social media project designed to empower people and especially teens to speak up when they saw bullying. By creating a custom eye emoji for Twitter and iOS, users could use the hashtag “#IAmAWitness” to enable the eye emoji in tweets to show support and shine a light on bullying via social media.

The project garnered over 600 million impressions and the campaign video with popular YouTube stars generated over 10 million views. The I am a Witness campaign also won Best in Social Media at the Creative Media Awards.


Best in Branded Entertainment: Grey San Francisco for Norton by SymantecIn Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

Grey San Francisco won Best in Branded Entertainment for In Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet short-film that focuses on a town in Romania called “Hackerville” which is known for having the highest number of internet hackers per capita. In the documentary-style video, famous hackers like Guccifer (the hacker who breached Hilary Clinton’s email) and others give chilling interviews on the state of online security and how vulnerable our personal information is online.

The short-film is a great look at how branded content should be, and the fact that it was created by Norton doesn’t take away from the value of the film and its information.


Best in Creative: UM and McCann Worldgroup for U.S. ArmyCryptaris Mission

UM in partnership with McCann won Best in Creative for the online game, Cryptaris. To reach out to potential recruits who excelled in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the two agencies came up with an idea to create an online game to show the fun side of the Army but also to use the game as a recruiting tool.

The game was a huge success, accumulating over 900,000 visiting users with over 160,000 people coming back to play more missions.


Best in Media Plan: Media Assembly for TruthLeft Swipe Dat

Media Assembly won Best in Media Plan for the Left Swipe Dat anti-smoking campaign. Featuring a host of famous YouTubers, the quirky music video focused on Tinder matches and on research that showed people with cigarettes in their profile picture got half the number of matches.

The video reached over 39 million views and also got a 60-second appearance at the Grammys.


Best in Multicultural/LGBT Media: the community for ConverseDonate Your Shadow

the community won Best in Multicultural/LGBT Media for the Donate Your Shadow campaign. In 2006, the São Paulo government enacted Lei Cidade Limpa or the Clean City Law which saw thousands of billboards and street art taken down or painted gray.

To transform the city back to the colorful and vibrant town many had come to love, Converse and famous artist from around the world came together to ask the people of São Paulo to donate their shadows, because shadows weren’t government property. As people donated their shadow, skilled artist would use those shadows to paint beautiful and colorful works of art to help bring color back to the city.

the community – Converse – Donate Your Shadow from Circulo Creativo on Vimeo.



Best in Online Media (Branding): Trilia/Hill Holiday for MerrellTrailScape

Trilia and Hill Holiday won Best in Online Media (Branding) for TrailScape, a virtual reality hiking experience that targeted experience collectors. In partnership with Rolling Stone, Merrell launched TrailScape at last years Sundance Film Festival driving engagement with celebrity interviews, magazine takeovers and more.

The VR campaign generated over 187 million impressions and 175,000 engagements.


Best in Research/Consumer Insights: Empower MediaMarketing for Rust-Oleum1000 Projects

Empower MediaMarketing won Best in Research/Consumer Insights for 1000 Projects, a media campaign crafted to drive consumer interest in home decor and DIY projects. By researching over 64 million search queries and 2.5 online mentions for DIY and home decor, Empower came to the conclusion that consumers were driven by projects rather than products.

With that great nugget of information behind them, Rust-Oleum and Empower teamed up to create how-to videos around projects and interest of the consumer. The campaign resulted in a feature product of Rust-Oleum receiving a 40% year-to-year increase in sales.



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