Agency Insights: Top 25 Agency Services From 2015

What were the most searched, top 25 agency services across all of 2015?

With top marketing executives, marketing managers and many other decision makers searching for marketing agencies and design firms every day, this report highlights the most frequently searched agency services. It also gives you a taste of how those search behaviors changed from our report in the first half of 2015 to the second half of the year.

See The Most Searched Agency Services in 2015

Agency Spotter’s data is based on the 10,000 to 25,000 marketers searching the platform every month throughout 2015. While the majority of users are from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, every month Agency Spotter has users from over 100 countries. More than 12,000 agencies and design firms are represented on Agency Spotter, making it a top destination for any marketing professional or subject matter expert “SME” doing an agency search, organizing agencies they know, or creating a watchlist for their next project.

Top 25 Agency Services of 2015

  1. Advertising

  2. Web (+2)

  3. Digital Strategy

  4. Branding (-2)

  5. Marketing Strategy (+1)

  6. Direct Marketing (+2)

  7. Social Media

  8. Mobile (+4)

  9. Design Strategy (+2)

  10. User Experience Design (-5)

  11. E-Commerce (+4)

  12. Media Planning + Strategy (-3)

  13. Graphic Communication Design (+1)

  14. Search SEO/PPC (+6)

  15. Content Marketing (-2)

  16. Email Marketing (+1)

  17. Experiential Marketing (+6)

  18. Promotional Marketing (+4)

  19. Gaming (+7)

  20. Innovation (-10)

  21. Healthcare Marketing (+12)

  22. Inbound Marketing (+12)

  23. Data Analytics (+4)

  24. Qualitative Insights

  25. Public Relations (-7)


Year Over Year Comparison: 2014 vs 2015

A lot has changed since the beginning of 2014. We added three new core services: Healthcare Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Animation. Healthcare and Inbound Marketing were added in 2014, and you can see the huge jumps they made in 2015, reaching the 21st and 22nd spot.

Innovation, UX Design and PR took the biggest hits in 2015, as we saw Innovation fall out of the Top 10 and UX fall out of the Top 5.

The top risers from the 2015 report had to be Mobile, E-Commerce and Search. These agency services made big jumps showing how marketers and brands were beefing up their digital services in 2015.

Breaking Down the First and Second Half of 2015

Since the first half of 2015, we saw E-Commerce, Search, Email and Promotional Marketing make significant jumps in the second half of the year. Email Marketing had the biggest spike going from 20th to 11th in H2 2015, with the others moving up four or five spots.

But with rising services there has to be agency services that take a few steps back. Looking at H2 2015, Mobile, Design Strategy, Innovation and PR moved down the list of services in back half of the year. We saw Mobile and Design Strategy fall out of the Top 10 into the teens.

As always, Advertising, Web and Digital Strategy locked-in the top three spots respectively with Direct Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Marketing Strategy, E-Commerce, Search and Media Planning rounding out the Top 10 in the second half of the year.

Looking Towards 2016…

Which agency services will you be searching for in 2016? Are there any agency services you would like to be added this year? Start your search for free on Agency Spotter and let us know what you would like to see! Agency Spotter is the easiest agency search out there, so in 2016 let us help you find your next agency partner.

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