Top 25 Cities Looking for Agencies

Each quarter, Agency Spotter releases a list of the top 25 cities around the world that are looking for agencies. From digital agencies to user experience design firms, we’ve been seeing 10,000 and 25,000 marketers diving into our platform every month.

The US is still by far the primary country people are searching from, with the UK and Canada following. That said, there is significant growth with marketers searching from over 100 countries. There has been a distinct trend of marketers searching from countries such as Australia, as well as countries throughout Asia, such as India and Singapore. This quarter, the top 25 cities searching for agencies on our platform span across six nations on four continents.

Top 25 Cities Searching for Agencies on Agency Spotter

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In the US, cities in the South are quickly gaining traction in the agency search. Our most recent city activation was Atlanta, which holds the number two spot on our list, indicating a potential influence of other cities across the South. Texas is dominating agency search, with three cities making our list this quarter.

Cities from the Northeast continue to gain traction, with Boston jumping one spot in the top 10, and New York prevailing as the number one city from which marketers are searching for agencies.

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