Agency Insights: Top 25 Agency Services

More than $1 trillion is spent by brands across the marketing industry each year, here are the 25 most popular services being searched for the first half of 2015.

This report includes trending indicators comparing 2015 stats against our Fall 2014 agency services report, and we saw a lot of changes in what was searched between the two periods.

Top 25 Agency Services for First Half of 2015

Lots of movement across services

While Advertising is still the number one most searched service, Web overtook Branding for the second most searched agency service. The biggest movers jumping up anywhere from 6 to 10 slots were Mobile, Search SEO/PPC, Experiential Marketing, Shopper Marketing, and Healthcare Marketing. We all know Mobile is hot, it is interesting to see so much traction in some very specialized core service areas.

Moving down the chart significantly, we see Innovation, Motion Video, and Packaging falling 5 or more slots. As we go forward, we will be looking for larger seasonal trends to determine whether services like Innovation, Packaing, and Branding have higher search volume in the Fall as brands prepare to kick off those initiatives at the start of the year.

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top 5 agency services

High Demand For Marketing Services, Agency Landscape Still Complex, and Number of Agencies Growing

Overall, we are excited to see that demand for these core services is very strong as the marketing industry as a whole continues to see healthy growth and the number of agencies continues to rise, well beyond half a million.

The majority of decision makers visiting the platform were in director and manager roles at their respective companies.

73% of decision makers indicated that they were ready to hire an agency partner within three months based on our own surveys. While traditional searches for agencies can take three to six months on average, it is clear that most marketers would like this number to be much lower and that is what Agency Spotter is all about.

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