Agency Insights: Top 25 Most Popular Agency Services

See the latest trends in agency search from over 150,000 users along with highlights from across the marketing industry.

With global spend on marketing and advertising over $1 trillion for the second year in a row and continuing to grow, Agency Spotter is excited to be leading advances to bring marketers and agencies together in new ways. As always, we continue to streamline the marketplace, helping experts at brands find great partners in less time and with more confidence than ever.

Across 2014, Agency Spotter had a wide number of decision makers coming to research advertising, design, and marketing agencies. Everyone from CMOs to design directors and from brand managers to the marketing interns has searched Agency Spotter to find their next marketing, advertising, or design partner.

Top 25 Searches For Agency Services

    1. Advertising

    2. Branding

    3. Digital Strategy

    4. Web

    5. User Experience Design

    6. Marketing Strategy

    7. Social Media

    8. Direct Marketing

    9. Media Planning

    10. Innovation

    11. Design Strategy

    12. Mobile

    13. Content Marketing*

    14. Graphic Design

    15. E-Commerce

    16. Video

    17. Email Marketing

    18. Public Relations

    19. Events

    20. Search (SEO/PPC)

    21. Packaging Design

    22. Promotional Marketing

    23. Experiential Marketing*

    24. Qualitative Research

    25. Word of Mouth Marketing*

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Top 5 Most Popular Agency Searches
Surprises In The Top List
There were some surprises in the 2014 top agency searches including the prominence of Graphic Design, Search, and Events. In addition, Content Marketing, Experiential Marketing, and Word of Mouth Marketing all made the top 25 despite being added as categories in the last half of the year (partial year indicated with an asterisk “*”).

High Demand For Marketing Services, Agency Landscape Still Complex, and Number of Agencies Growing
Overall, we are excited to see that demand for these core services is very strong as the marketing industry as a whole continues to see healthy growth and the number of agencies continues to rise, well beyond half a million.

The majority of decision makers visiting the platform were in director and manager roles at their respective companies.

73% of decision makers indicated that they were ready to hire an agency partner within three months based on our own surveys. While traditional searches for agencies can take three to six months on average, it is clear that most marketers would like this number to be much lower.

Agency Spotter will continue to bring you transparency and trends across the marketing, design and research landscape. Make sure to register on Agency Spotter so you see more trends from 2014 in coming weeks along with new topics as we look to the future.

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