3 Reasons Why Atlanta Is A Red Hot Creative Metropolis

Atlanta’s creative agencies and design leaders are on to something big.

Atlanta creative agencies are part

You might have heard of Hotlanta or the Big Peach. But these nicknames don’t capture the true nature of Atlanta. In this hub of the Southeast, business, creative, and technology collide amidst urban revitalization, an enviable food scene, and one of the world’s busiest airports. In other words, there’s more here than peaches.

Atlanta is not the “new” New York or San Francisco. It’s a city changing fast on its own terms. Why should marketers pay attention to this transformation? Because your next great creative partner might call Atlanta home.

3 Reasons Why Atlanta is Red Hot

1. Innovating Fast

The Atlanta of today is not the Atlanta of the 20th century. In the years following the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, Atlanta shifted its groove into overdrive: it’s #14 on Forbes List of Best Places for Business and Careers. With all that comes an energetic ecosystem of creative agencies and design firms.

Atlanta creative agencies stay busySixteen Fortune 500 companies call Atlanta home. The city grew a thriving movie and film industry almost overnight. AMC’s The Walking Dead is filmed here, as were two of The Hunger Games movies to name a few. Porsche is set to complete a new headquartershere, and Mercedes-Benz North America just announced it is moving to Atlanta too.

Let’s not forget Atlanta’s thriving start-up scene, fueled by a growing economy, strong universities like Georgia Tech, and an amazing ecosystem of mature businesses. The city is in the top 10 for startups and the city’s startups have had more than $750 million in marketing technology and sales automation exits in just a few years.

Search Agency Spotter and you’ll see a breadth and depth of agency choices that reflect the city’s industries. Big ticket names like BBDO and Razonfish are here, as well as dizzying array of local shops that are making their mark.

It’s not surprising that more and more brands from the Southeast and beyond turn to Atlanta for the creative expertise they need. Keep that in mind the next time you’re on the hunt for a creative partner.

2. Digital Leader

There’s no denying Atlanta is a digital city, covering all the bases from marketing tech to mobile.

Companies like AT&T and The Weather Company are mobile leaders in their respective industries. Both Macy’s and Blue Bottle Coffee employ Atlanta-based developers. Then there’s mobile gaming shop Dragon Army, creators of Robots Love Ice Cream. Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. Heard of a little app called YikYak? They’re here too.

Atlanta is also a leader in marketing tech. Pardot, the Salesforce-owned marketing automation provider, got its start here, staying a bit quirky in the process. And Twitter just announced it will open an office in Ponce City Market, a huge redevelopment of a former Sears Roebuck building. Freddie the Chimp, mascot of Mailchimp, graces billboards across the cityscape. You never know where you might find an artistic interpretation of Freddie, gleefully grinning down from up above.

Atlanta loves Freddie the Chimp.Atlanta creative agencies enjoy Freddie's colorfulness.

With its digital centricity, it’s no surprise that Atlanta creative agencies know a thing or two about reaching consumers via digital methods. Atlanta has launched some of the strongest digital agencies. 360i got it’s start here and was named Adweek’s Digital Agency of the Year in 2013. Adweek also recognized 22squared’s “Unexpect Everything” campaign for Toyota as their 2014 Media Plan of the Year. Got big digital goals? Be sure to check out what Atlanta has to offer.

3. Vibrant and Diverse

Diversity is one of Atlanta’s best characteristics. From startups to Fortune 500s, artists to computer science majors, the SEC to the ACC, bitcoin to the Federal Reserve, every walk of life contributes to the city’s vibrancy.

That’s partly because it’s easy to get here. Atlanta originated as a transportation hub, at the intersection of two railway lines. Then came the automobile, which is still the preferred mode of transportation for most commuters. (Ask anyone about Atlanta traffic and you’ll probably get groans in response.)

No doubt hometown airline Delta has helped make Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport the world’s business by passenger traffic. Worried about getting face-time with your Atlanta-based advertising or mobile agency? Don’t. Chances are you’ll find a direct flight to Atlanta from your neighborhood airport.

Dream Big in Atlanta

Atlanta is a place where big dreams find the resources to become reality.

Join us as we spotlight Atlanta’s creative scene from every angle. You’ll find features of the city’s most interesting agencies and articles by Atlanta-based thought-leaders all on our dedicated Atlanta hub. Want to cut to the chase and find your next creative partner? Come over to Agency Spotter to search Atlanta’s best in less time and with more confidence!

Claire Wallace