Spotted: Top 10 Tweets in Marketing This Week

These 140 character marketing messages pack a serious punch. Check out our top 10 tweets of the week.

Looking for a little marketing inspiration? These top tweets from this week highlight the latest and greatest in the marketing, tech, and digital world.

The Latest in Social Media

Instagram’s latest feature makes it easier for you to get an inside look at events all over the world, while also taking a direct hit at Twitter.

Thoughts from Twitter’s VP of Data Strategy on the #PowerofNow at the Cannes Lions Festival.

That’s a lot of time on Facebook, America.

What’s Hot in Tech

Ford introduces their “smartbike” concept with amazing intuitive features for users.

Innovations in the “selfie” world never cease to amaze!

Apple is developing a technology that allows people to send alerts to share tasks for things like picking up groceries. Soon, you won’t be able to avoid your friends asking you to run errands for them through their smartphone.

What’s New Across Content Marketing

Google wants to help you tell your marketing story- and also boost your SEO.

Salesforce has recently unveiled what marketers are calling “the holy grail of personalization” in targeted ad content.

Personally, we’re pretty glad Gmail has finally unleashed this feature.

Your Miscellaneous Tweet of the Week

Breaking news: GIFs are officially back in style.

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