Agency Post Article on the 7 Pain Points Between Marketers and Agencies Features Agency Spotter Founder

Agency Post just interviewed our founder, Brian Regienczuk, and included thoughts from him in “Feeling Frustrated? 7 Pain Points Between Marketers and Agencies.”

Pain Points Between Marketers and Agencies

Covering aspects that cause the most friction, Agency Post talks about constant change, the lack of risk-taking, the frequent disconnect between strategy and tactics, the need for clarity and alignment, structure of partnerships, mutual business goals, and the process of finding an agency partner.

Agency Spotter’s CEO and CoFounder, Brian Regienczuk, was quoted:

Over the last year, a ton of digital agencies and design firms told me that they were tired of participating in RFPs and were now saying ‘no,’ even to top marketers. I’ve also heard many marketers express disdain for their current RFP process.

If an internal process like RFPs is causing both marketers and agencies problems, then it is probably time to change the process. The marketing landscape is changing fast, so processes and policies have to keep up.

Finding the best fit partner demands interaction with a shortlist of agencies, but there is more data than ever for marketers to use as they get down to selecting the right partner agency.

It is always an honor to be included with thought leaders like Sarah Hanson from Partners + Napier and Pete Sena from Digital Surgeons.

Read the full article here.

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Brian Regienczuk

Co-Founder and CEO at Agency Spotter
Brian Regienczuk is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agency Spotter. With over 19 years experience both at top brands and helping grow agencies, Brianwrites and speaks on topics related to finding and selecting great marketing, design and research partners, and on how the future of marketing demands that brand marketers and agencies work smarter together.
Brian Regienczuk
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