10 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

Whether you’ve been considering hiring a social media marketing agency for a few weeks or a year, the same questions are often lingering in the back of your mind. Things like “is it worth it?”

We decided it was time to go beyond the surface and look at what it really means to hire a social media marketing agency—and to find out once and for all if it’s actually worth it. Are you ready? Let’s dig in.

social media marketing agency

1. They’re Experts in Their Field

You wouldn’t ask a dentist to fix your beloved convertible. So why do you expect that just anyone, anywhere will have the expertise to establish your brands online and grow your following across social media with maximum benefits? 

Hiring a social media marketing agency puts an expert on your team. They know exactly how the algorithms work, what times work best for each type of content, and what is most likely to resonate with YOUR audience. 

2. Results-Driven Resources at Your Fingertips

social media marketing agency

When you hire a social media marketing agency, you get more than just a team of experts who will completely devote themselves to getting you results. You will also benefit from results-driven resources, like scheduling tools, monitoring tools, and reporting tools. This will make growing your social media presence easier than ever before.

3. Achieve Results FAST

Forget buying followers and never really reaching your goals. A social media marketing agency is a team of niche geniuses who are prepared to evaluate, strategize, and ACT on your behalf to grow your audience and boost conversions fast and effectively. 

4. You Can Work Smarter Instead of Harder and Save Time

Let the experts handle the madness of community management, social copywriting, paid ads management, and strategy while you put your focus where it matters the most: leading your team and your business. 

5. You’ll Receive Timely, Accurate Reports

One of the best parts about hiring a social media marketing agency is that you don’t have to do a thing and you’ll still get weekly or bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting calls to see a complete picture of the wild success your business profile has attained with information directly from a strategist studying your account. 

6. You’ll Build a Dedicated Audience

social media marketing agency

One of the best ways to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds is to create and publish content that speaks to them about your brand. 

Social media marketing agencies have built-in production studios and tools that dedicated social media content creators will utilize to design eye-catching graphics and thumb-stopping videos. This will draw people into your brand “story” and sell your products without you ever having to lift a finger. 

Over time, your audience will know what to expect from you and even look forward to seeing what might drip down their social media pages from your brand. 

7. They’ll Utilize a Deep Understanding of Each Platform to Drive Results

In addition to being experts in the social media sphere, a social media marketing agency also houses experts on specific platforms. Need a Facebook ads expert? Pinterest genius? Twitter connoisseur? They’ve got you covered. 

8. They’re Very Familiar with Handling Large Budgets

Whether it’s an ad budget or a content creation budget, a social media marketing agency is skilled in the art of handling large budgets for a number of different social media needs. 

Invoicing, payments, card changes – you name it, they’ve dealt with it. So you can rest easy knowing your cash is in good hands and trust the experts to keep you informed and alert while you battle the competition. 

9. They’ll Handle Anything and Everything Influencer Related

influencer social media marketing agency

From finding influencers to paying influencers to shipping products around the US (or the world), nobody wants to deal with the hassle of influencer marketing. 

Social media marketing agencies are equipped and ready to handle the influx of community management needs, payments, and more that come along for the ride – and you’ll get a comprehensive report of what’s happening every step of the way from dedicated social media marketing influencer strategists. 

10. It Just Makes Sense

You can’t experience growth without risk. And at the end of the day, hiring a social media agency just makes sense, even if it is a little scary.

Every year, millions of companies around the world experience exponential growth thanks to social media. We think you should make one of those companies YOURS and see for yourself why hiring a social media marketing agency has never been easier and never been more empowering for businesses. 

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