#LASpotted: A Chat with RED Interactive Agency

The Digital Agency of Record for ESPN since 2011, RED is one of the top digital agencies in the country. With more than 15 years of quality experience, RED has become the go-to destination for brand and marketing strategy in today’s digital landscape.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the list of top brands who have called RED Interactive Agency their partner in crime, from the aforementioned ESPN to Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, Disney and much more! Meet the talented group of strategist, creatives, technologist, designers, marketers, storytellers and inventors.

Inside RED Interactive Agency

Location: Santa Monica, CA

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In LA Since: 1999

Core Services: We create amazing user experiences through our various services beginning with Strategic Vision & Planning, Brand & Campaign development, Digital Advertising, Social, Content & production, Experience Design, Product innovation, and our Game Studio.

Company Mantra: “RED is a place where creative, motivated people can do extraordinary work.”

# of Employees: 140

# of Four-Legged Employees: 5

Office Tally: How many _______ do you have?

  • Sports Heads: 20
  • Foodies: 34
  • Movie Buffs: 25
  • Netflix Addicts: 29
  • Live Event Nomads: 19
  • Agency-Lifers (aka workaholics): 13

Red Group

Does your agency have a cool origin story?

We started in a small single office in West Hollywood in 1999. We were excited about the potential of the web and all of the possibilities to play, explore and do some interesting work. Our “makers culture” really did start then in 1999. We felt a little like pioneers at the time, and we thought we were in the middle of a gold rush. However, as it turns out we were at the tail end of it.

At the time our neighbor, in the small single office next door, was a young tech entrepreneur who was just starting his company. The term start-up was hardly a thing back then. His idea was to create an official network of celebrity websites and revenue share with the celebrities on the advertising dollars his company would drive to the sites. This was actually one of the first ad networks.

So here we were, two start-ups and we ended up doing a deal together to build 30 celebrity websites for his company. This is really how it all started. Celebrity Blvd was our founding client. We ended up building 25 celebrity sites in just over a year. Then the .com bubble burst and our only client ran out of cash. We realized we were in need of other clients. Thankfully at that point we had a really impressive portfolio of work and we were able to start picking up new clients. We started with mostly entertainment clients in the beginning and over time branched out and began working with some of the worlds most influential brands. It’s been quite fun.

See any trends, LA Natives VS Transplants?

Generally speaking, LA is a transplant city, and RED is no exception.

Our office is 30% Native Angelenos. You can always tell who they are by their excellent (and under-the-radar) restaurant recommendations and aversion to weather.

Our team also represents 23+ states and countries from all over the world (including Brazil, Spain, Canada, France, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, and Scotland). Most recently, we’re seeing a large influx of talent from NY, and some from SF, Chicago,

Most Interesting Physical Thing in Our Office?

RED’s product innovation workbench.

Red Bench

“We have LA’s brightest minds and talent, successfully solving our client’s challenges by seeing their business through a strategic lens and executing a well thought approach”

– Donny Makower, President


Partners in Crime

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients:

We help clients find success in an increasingly complex and connected world.

3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

  • Vision
  • Collaboration
  • Partnership

Red 3

Brian Lovell (CEO), Nikki Shum-Harden (VP, Client Development), Donny Makower (President)

Our Clients Love Us Because:

We’re dedicated and passionate about our clients and the work, while positively impacting their business and having fun.

Clients We’ve Helped:

ESPN, Netflix, Nike, Samsung, LEGO, Ferrari, Red Bull, GoPro, Budweiser, Viacom, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Nickelodeon, Disney, OWN, and Edmunds.


“It’s a simple fact, we get to work with some of the most amazing people and companies on the planet.”

– Brian Lovell, CEO


LA Confidential

LA is known for entertainment (Hollywood, TV Shows, Games, etc.), how does your agency engage with the LA scene?

We engage with the LA scene by bringing a fresh perspective to the world of entertainment marketing and product development. For clients like Netflix, ESPN, Viacom Networks, Oprah and Nickelodeon, we go beyond supporting their shows and content to also create connected ecosystems, digital products, and new businesses for them. We are frequently tasked with helping entertainment companies navigate the complex digital landscape and connect with the audience of the future. And, as a part of the WME | IMG network, RED has unprecedented global, transmedia influence and access to drive culture, create digital content, and activate consumers.

Red Ladies

How do you view the creative landscape in LA? How is it different from other major cities?

LA is the hotbed of strategic, creative and technical talent. RED has been here for 16 years and over the past few years we’ve seen a great influx of people and companies establishing themselves in LA. Every type of creative passion is represented here in LA. This only pushes the talent bar even higher and we love it.

The #1 Thing We Love About LA:

We love both the cultural and ethnic diversity that make up our beautiful city. Oh and the weather isn’t bad either.

Best Food Spot in LA?

Gjelina and Gjusta (Sister restaurants in Venice)


The bialy with egg and cheese at Gjusta

Image credits: romanlily

What does #agencylife mean to you?

Teamwork, creativity, work hard/play hard, ping pong, happy hour.

Red Team


Lights, Camera, Action!

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