#LASpotted: A Chat with Marching Penguin

Marching Penguin is a digital production studio creating world class video content for the digital age. With the objective to create a more integrated and efficient way to produce video experiences, Marching Penguin was born in 2012 and has created over 700 videos to date.

Do you want to build your brand with social video content? Then waddle over to Marching Penguin and get started on crafting your next viral video campaign.

Inside Marching Penguin

Location: Culver City, CA

In LA Since: 2012

Core Services: Made-for-digital production and post-production

Company Mantra: “Dream big or why dream at all.”

# of Employees: 6 employees; 1000+ contractors in the production space; 3,000 + influencers and creators in the talent space

# of Four-Legged Employees: None currently. However, we’re always look to hire on this front. ;)

Office Tally: How many _______ do you have?

  • Sports Heads: 4
  • Foodies: 4
  • Movie Buffs: 6
  • Netflix Addicts: 5
  • Live Event Nomads: 4
  • Agency-Lifers (aka workaholics): 6

Marching Penguin Reel – November 2015 from Marching Penguin on Vimeo.


Does your agency have a cool origin story?

After working in a top ten digital agency, our founder was interested in finding a more integrated and efficient way to produce creative video content for the digital age. Large agencies are sometimes slowed down by a process that was designed for creating broadcast ads. It’s a process that is characterized by extensive approvals and long lead times. So with a passion for making video more accessible to brands in the digital space, Marching Penguin was born.

See any trends, LA Natives VS Transplants?

About 50/50.

Most Interesting Physical Thing in Our Office?

We share our space with a music company. So you can walk down the hallway and hear sounds from composers paired with sounds from our editors at any given moment in the day.


“Creative ideas are cheap. Creative execution is priceless.”

– Jordi Matsumoto, Founder & CEO

Partners in Crime

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients:

We create engaging content experiences for digital audiences.

3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

  • Progressive. Willing to think big, to explore creatively, and to push the boundaries of comfort (internally).
  • A belief in creating engaging content and working in engaging channels.
  • A desire to invest in digital as a long-term platform.


Our Clients Love Us Because:

You might have to ask each one of them, but we’ve maintained a 100% Net Promoter score over the past 12 months.

Clients We’ve Helped:

We’ve helped Ford create a 360 video campaign at the Detroit Auto Show. We’ve helped produce hundreds of pieces of content for publishers that work with P&G. We’ve helped Sony for their major motion picture releases “Goosebumps” and “The Walk.” We’ve helped clients including Otterbox, Hulu, and more.


LA Confidential

LA is known for entertainment (Hollywood, TV Shows, Games, etc.), how does your agency engage with the LA scene?

Entertainment is part of our DNA. We work with 100’s of different crew members in our shoots each year. We also work with talent at all levels from A-List celebrities to influencers/creators with small followings.

How do you view the creative landscape in LA? How is it different from other major cities?

It is actually very entrepreneurial. You have the up-and-coming tech scene that has new companies pushing for creativity from major players like Snapchat to the latest start up. You also have experimentation happening across the board with 360° video,VR, drones, and more.

The #1 Thing We Love About LA:

The weather.

Best Food Spot in LA?

In N Out.


Image credits: @kevinv033

What does #agencylife mean to you?

#AgencyLife is about prioritizing the creative. It’s about making a brand come to life through our creative concepts, dazzling influencer personalities, and high quality production. It’s about finding the best, innovative way to have audiences connect with a brand’s message.


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