Top 7 Digital Marketing Projects in Dallas

Digital in Dallas: Meet the agencies killing digital in North Texas!

Digital marketing has now become a crucial part for every business from web to social media and even video. Without a digital presence, your brand and company could be losing ground to many of your competitors!

Next up in our Dallas Activation (#DallasSpotted), we highlight digital marketing that delivered real results. Dallas is known for its history of great advertising, but let’s take a look at the kind of digital chops Big D has to offer!


MindHandle – Chili’s

To reintroduce Chili’s seasonal menu offering – the Oreo Molten Cake, MindHandle created a short animated video to build excitement and buzz for the popular dessert. The video ran on social media, online, and in-restaurant digital table top devices.

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Brainchild Marketing – DaVita Labs


In late 2012, DaVita Labs – the nation’s largest lab company servicing the chronic kidney disease market, wanted to grow their commercial presence. To reach these goals, DaVita Labs turned to Brainchild Marketing to develop a digital marketing campaign that would capitalize on the company’s growing opportunities by creating a new website, web advertising, sales collateral, and an exhibit booth at Kidney Week in efforts to gain new clients.

The campaign has led to numerous new service contracts for DaVita Labs.

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VLG – OnX Enterprise Solutions


OnX, one of the leading providers of technology services and solutions, wanted to educate their audience about a unique product feature called “emergency preparation and disaster recovery services” for business’ infrastructure and critical data.

To get the word out, OnX approached VLG to lead a marketing and digital campaign that would bring awareness to the new feature. The campaign consisted of a dialog marketing program, microsite and direct mail tactics resulting in a 15% hit rate, 38% click through rate and 14% call to action.

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Slingshot – Taco Bueno


Part of the “Your Deserve Bueno” campaign, Slingshot in partnership with Taco Bueno created the world’s first “Taco Intervention” –  a digital campaign that asked customers to stage a taco intervention to show friends and family what real Tex-Mex should taste like by sending them a free Taco Bueno taco. The Texas-based taco company gave away 30,000 free tacos!

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madison/miles media – Prestige Maintenance USA


Prestige Maintenance USA (PMUSA), a facilities maintenance company based in Dallas, wanted to revamp their brand identity starting with a rebuild of their website. To get started, madison/miles media began creating a site that would have seamless integration with PMUSA’s CRM software so that their would be no hitch in the marketing to sales flow. madison/miles media also created a site that was mobile responsive with an annual content calendar, social media integration, and an award-winning newsletter.

PMUSA saw a 40% increase in monthly website traffic, 134% increase in social media reach, and a newsletter with a 21% open rate and 14% click-through rate.

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Rethink Creative – Adelbert’s Brewery

Rethink Creative and Adelbert’s Brewery worked closely together in developing the beer company’s branding, social media, packaging design and much more. The two Texas-based companies teamed up to create a promotional video showcasing Adelbert’s commitment to excellence in using the highest quality ingredients in every beer.

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M/C/C – Chuck E. Cheese’s

M/C/C and Check E. Cheese’s partnered together to create a informational video letting their customer’s know about their new gluten-free pizza and dessert options. The video was distributed across web, social, blogs and news broadcasts and was awarded a MarCom Award and a Social Media Icon Award.

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The Dallas High Five

To highlight and celebrate the thriving marketing and design community in Dallas, Agency Spotter decided to launch the Dallas Activation Series. With so many great agencies and hidden gems, the Dallas creative scene should never be overlooked! So join us as we take y’all on a trip through the best marketing agencies and design firms representing Big D.

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