Content Marketing in Dallas: Meet madison/miles media

Meet madison/miles media, one the nation’s top content marketing agencies! How did they get here you ask? Simple. With a team of awesome creatives, sound strategy and meaningful analytics, madison/miles media simply creates content that engages and inspires people. They want to tell people about your organization’s story, the story of your products and services, and why your organization matters. But before they tell your story, read below to find out about theirs…

Inside madison/miles media

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Location: Arlington, TX

In Dallas Since: 2010

Core Services: Content marketing and inbound marketing.

# of Employees: 14

# of Four-Legged Employees: Do we count the four-legged employees who work remotely (at least half of our staff is remote)? If so, at least seven!

Company Mantra: “Tell More. Sell More.”


Does your agency have a cool origin story?

Before forming madison/miles media in 2010, founders Adam Weiss and Mario Medina saw countless ad agencies churning out ineffective ads that interrupted audiences instead of informing and entertaining them. We witnessed marketers who couldn’t provide meaningful analytics about the success of their campaigns. And we saw SEO companies that tweaked code to fit outdated formulas rather than creating stories and content people want to read.

We knew that we could do better.

We started with Mario’s knowledge of content and digital platforms and Adam’s sales and business development expertise — a leadership team with more than 50 years combined industry experience in every corner of the communications world. We added a team of top-notch creative professionals — writers, editors, designers, developers, and strategists — and a roster of talented sales experts.

The result? One of the nation’s top content marketing agencies.

Today, our fast-growing company provides inbound marketing, content strategy, creative content services, interactive design, and sales strategy for businesses ranging from two-man shops to Fortune 500 companies.

Bottom line: Our story is about telling our clients’ stories.


Most interesting physical thing in your office?

Besides Mario’s hair? Probably the dozen-plus superhero figures sitting on shelves, desks, window sills, etc. Batman and Superman like to watch over us as we come to the rescue of businesses in distress.

What does #agencylife mean to you?

It means loving what we do and who we work with — and having some fun while we’re at it. Plus, it means a cool, secret handshake.

“Why content marketing? Because nobody ever said, ‘Daddy, read me a bedtime advertisement.’”

– Mario Medina, Co-Founder


Partners in Crime

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients:

We drive business with content that attracts and retains customers.


3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

  • Are ready to generate more leads (and more business).
  • Understand that traditional advertising alone no longer works.
  • Want to engage and inform prospects and customers to build long-term relationships.

Our Clients Love Us Because:

Simply put, our clients love us because we help improve their brand positioning, generate more leads, win new customers — and measurably grow their business.


Clients We’ve Helped:

Texas Instruments, Deluxe Corp., The Dallas Morning News, Exxon Mobil1, Dell, ALOA, SAVTA, Mended Hearts, Food Innovation Factory, The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children, Johnson & Johnson, Children’s Health, Cliff Price & Co., Darrah & Co., The Link, Aventis Systems, Earth911, Prestige Maintenance USA, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, and more.



Bigger’n Dallas

The #1 Thing We Love About Dallas:

Besides Kinky Friedman?

What makes Dallas the best city in Texas?

Besides the fact that we’re here?


Most admired local brands in Dallas?

Gotta say Southwest Airlines. They understand that the customer’s experience is everything. They really take care of their customers and have fun while doing it – just like us. We like fun. Fun is good.

Most admired marketing/digital/design influencer in Dallas?

Mark Cuban. Yes, his influence even extends to the marketing/digital/design worlds.


What is one thing people don’t know about Dallas that they should know?

The frozen margarita machine was invented here. Need we say more?

Best Restaurant in Dallas:

We are mostly an office of meat lovers, so we’re going to go with barbecue favorite Pecan Lodge. You just can’t beat their smoked goodness and fried chicken. (Our apologies to Ariel, our resident vegetarian. We promise we won’t ever take you there, Ariel.) More than their food, though, we love their story: The founders ditched their corporate jobs to do what they loved and spend more time with family, just like Adam and Mario did when they founded madison/miles media. So fist bump to Justin and Diane Fourton. Smoke on.


Rank the local colleges with the best creative talent:

Our team members come from colleges all over the nation, so we’re blessed to have employees with a great blend of backgrounds. We’ve had great experience with a few folks and interns from UNT, so we’re going to rank them tops in the state. But we’ve really had good people from several local schools; Dallas has a great amount of talent from local universities.


The Dallas High Five

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