Top 7 Agency Projects with Austin Brands

In March’s look at the top agency projects, we are shining the spotlight on some of the best Austin agencies and their projects with local companies and brands. Austin is home to a wide variety of companies and startups from the big players like Dell and Whole Foods to successful startups like Silvercar and Bigcommerce. Whatever size company you’re looking for, Austin definitely has it. So, let’s take a look at the awesome synergy going on in the Heart of Texas.


97 Degrees West – FirstCare Health Plans (Branding)


97 Degrees West is the Agency of Record for FirstCare Health Plans – a healthcare company with corporate headquarters in Austin. With industry expertise in health insurance plans and healthcare technology, 97DW lead efforts to reenergize FirstCare’s brand and also develop the company’s new website and advertising campaigns. The Assistant VP of Brand & Marketing Management at FirstCare said that 97DW, “helped us tap into the communities in Texas we serve, increase brand awareness and impact sales performance.”
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Greatest Common Factory – Hopdoddy (Marketing Strategy)


Hopdoddy, an Austin-born burger joint that sells all-natural Angus burgers, wanted to expand their brand in a new market. With the help of Greatest Common Factory, the burger brand was able to develop a message around the slogan, “Tastefully Overthought.” The simple message conveyed the company’s commitment to creating craft burgers and delivered a refreshing reason to try Hopdoddy. The campaign also consisted of out-of-home advertising, radio and new website.
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Creative Tonic – Indeed (Environmental Design)


To kick-off Indeed’s first customer event, Indeed Interactive, in 2015, the Austin brand enlisted the help of Creative Tonic. Indeed wanted the Agency to push their new brand image and integrate it with the event’s theme – The Science of Attraction: Finding the Right Fit. Working with the Indeed team, Creative Tonic was able to create a visual language around the event theme by producing web, environment and marketing materials supporting the message.

Creative Tonic created a kick-off video that set the tone for the overall event, and also had a hand in transforming the Austin Hilton (location of the event) into a interactive venue that further pushed the event’s theme.
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Space Chimp – Blush (Branding)


Space Chimp and Blush, an Austin-based company that provides online life coaching, partnered together to develop the company’s branding and web design strategies.
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Handsome – Silvercar (Digital Strategy)


Silvercar, an Austin startup that provides Audi-only car rentals, needed help to revamp their digital presence to go along with their already successful company. Handsome teamed up with Silvercar to create a visual experience for the company’s digital products, from the iOS redesign to creating a brand identity guide and more.
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Creative Suitcase – United Way for Greater Austin (Branding)


United Way for Greater Austin wanted to grow their reach around the city and also boost donations. They reached out to Creative Suitcase to help make those initiatives come to life. Creative Suitcase’s solution was to first let the people of Austin know that locally donated money would stay and be used in Austin. Next the design firm help establish UWATX’s brand identity by using bold graphics and vibrant colors like in food trucks and street murals. Then along with the branding, Creative Suitcase also created marketing material so that the staff at UWATX could continue to consistently tell the organization’s message.

The agency launched the “Make Austin Greater” brand campaign, that tied all the great things about Austin directly to United Way for Greater Austin. Marketing and branding efforts saw online donation increase 1,200% and with the projects success, Creative Suitcase donated their design skills and painted the UWATX building with the “You’re My Butter Half” wall.
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Archer Malmo – Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions (Web Design)


Archer Malmo and Ergon A&E, another Austin company that is the leading producer and marketers of asphalt and emulsions wanted to further establish their brand as thought leaders within the space. Archer Malmo created the SaveMyRoad immersive website that educated visitors on pavement preservation and provided new methodology around budgeting for roadway improvements. The site became a hub for industry knowledge and a go-to tool for engineers in the space.
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Keeping Austin Weirder

The marketing and design scenes play a huge part in Austin’s creative culture. But how many agencies and design firms do you really know in the city? From advertising agency, Door Number 3, to branding studio, Creative Tonic, we will give you a detailed looked at the designers, marketers and creatives keeping Bat City super weird.

So sit back, relax, as we take you on a trip through Austin’s creative scene…

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