Branding in Dallas: Meet MindHandle

MindHandle doesn’t want your account. They just want a project. The perfect agency for “The Agility Era” or a time when clients are moving away from the traditional AOR relationship in lieu of specialized partners working on a project-by-project basis. This is what makes MindHandle a flexible and nimble agency that can create ideas based on what you want and what you need. If you are looking for an agency to take hold of your ideas, MindHandle should be your choice.

Inside MindHandle

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Location: Dallas, TX

In Dallas Since: 2010

Core Services: Branding, Advertising, Digital, Promotions, Design

# of Employees: 6 Full-Time and several other talented folks that orbit our company providing expertise & creative power.

# of Four-Legged Employees: They won’t let pets in the building, but we do (kinda) have a pet rat running around somewhere. But we have several legit pets at home! Nicole’s bio pic on the site features Pico, her long-haired wiener dog. Bo’s pup is Grace. Ken has a shiftless cat named Brubeck.

Company Mantra: “Our work is loved and respected. We repeat this before presentations and it works!”


Does your agency have a cool origin story?

Founder Ken Womack’s first company was called Shift Option J, then a few years later it merged and became Agent 485, and is now MindHandle – which was a term Ken heard some guy use in a meeting and thought was cool (so he bought the URL on a whim).


Most interesting physical thing in your office?

The life-size Archer character cardboard cutouts that serve as both our mascots and shield the sun in the afternoon. Archer is our patron saint, and we have Archer Days employees can take to bail on work.


What does #agencylife mean to you?

To be truly excellent in what we do, we have to be truly excellent to ourselves.

“Stop polishing the firewood.”

– Ken Womack, Principal / ECD


Partners in Crime

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients:

We provide highly concentrated creative power on tightly-defined creative assignments.

MindHandle’s Client Breakfast

4 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

  • Providers of clear direction.
  • Givers of fresh creative challenges.
  • Appreciators of innovative thinking.
  • Possessors of an active bank account.

Our Clients Love Us Because:

We do great creative work and we routinely over-deliver.

Clients We’ve Helped:

Chili’s U.S., Chili’s Global, At Home, PrimeLending, Maggiano’s, Cook Children’s Medical Center, B2R Finance, Colortyme, Texas Land & Cattle, La Madeleine, Pecan Deluxe, Cotton Patch, Dr Pepper, Arteriors, RentRange, Investability



Bigger’n Dallas

The #1 Thing We Love About Dallas:

The Cowboys, duh.

What makes Dallas the best city in Texas?

Would have to be the cohesive City Council.


Most admired local brands in Dallas?

Please refer to our client list above.

Most admired marketing/digital/design influencer in Dallas?

Hard to top Stan Richards. Dude built an empire exactly to his spec.


What is one thing people don’t know about Dallas that they should know?

We all ride horses to work.

Best Restaurant in Dallas:

Chili’s, of course.

Rank the local colleges with the best creative talent:

UNT, TCU, A&M Commerce.



The Dallas High Five

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Daniel Kim