Top 10 Agency Projects in Chicago

The city of Chicago is known for many things, including its deep-dish pizza, the powerful, gusty winds that come in from Lake Michigan and now the home of the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country, and it boasts some of the most innovative and creative agency projects to date from some of the most forward-thinking and successful companies.

Let’s take a look at the top agency projects in Chicago across advertising, web design, and branding.

Top 10 CHI Projects

10twelve – Team Stradale

team stradale motorsports campaign

Team Stradale came to 10twelve needing assistance in a multitude of areas. The brand needed assistance from an expert like 10twelve in solving a communication and messaging issue between the brand and their customers. 10twelve worked with Team Stradale on building a brand new website, a social media plan, videography, photography, and more. The finished project was the result Team Stradale desired — a beautiful new website and a new, clear message for the brand.

STUDIO KAST – Chasing Harvest

studio kast chasing harvest campaign

STUDIO KAST is one of the premiere graphic design agencies straight out of Chicago. The Chasing Harvest brand has been around since the 1950s and needed an agency that could put together a new, fresh design for the wine brand that would still communicate the brand’s connection to travel and experience.

The project, which included a new logo, html emails, and even custom interactive html5 map that highlights their travels resulted in The Chasing Harvest brand winning the Graphic Design USA Packaging Design award after the project’s completion.

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Leviathan – STARZ

Leviathan is a design agency out of Chicago and they were tasked with creating the main title sequence for STARZ’s hit show “Power”. Leviathan incorporated beautiful cinematography and music that matched the show’s themes and feel and a black-and-white video that immediately draws the viewer in.

ArtVersion Interactive Agency – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC)

artversion interactive unc awareness

The “Show Your Love” campaign was crafted by the University of North Carolina (UNC), but to promote awareness and to ensure the campaign was a success they brought in ArtVersion Interactive to bring visual awareness to young people who visit the campaign website. ArtVersion Interactive successfully built a website that encourage interaction and made it easy for users to join the movement and bring more awareness to the campaign.

Havas Impact – Nature Valley

nature valley being good campaign

Havas Impact was tasked with reaching Millennials who grew up eating Nature Valley granola bars, but just saw them as an everyday item. To do that effectively, Havas Impact crafted the “Be Great Out There” campaign to change the way Millennials see the brand and encourage them to inspire and do good.

Damen Jackson- Seattle’s Best

damen jackson starbucks seattles best campaign

Seattle’s Best had just been acquired by Starbucks and the latter brought Damen Jackson in to change the narrative surrounding Seattle’s Best. Damen Jackson ultimately focused on the coffee culture in Seattle and incorporated its rich history with Seattle’s Best.

Juice Interactive- Mead Johnson

mead johnson enfamil campaign

Mead Johnson was in the midst of a new product launch, Enspire, so they hired Juice Interactive to help them ensure the launch went smoothly. Juice Interactive used a digital-first strategy along with implementing digital retail channels, creating consistent brand messaging across all consumer touchpoints.

Izea- Wendy’s

Izea Wendy's Social Media Campaign

Wendy’s needed to promote their new trial menu items,  Jalapeño Fresco Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries, so they hired Izea to create social media driven campaign for the brand. To generate the buzz, Izea created multiple hilarious Instagram posts via sponsored content to highlight the new menu items in a unique way to target their desired demographic.

Big Teeth- Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has been a notable brand for several decades, but they have always been thinking ahead, which is why they brought in an agency like Big Teeth for this digital media project. Big Teeth did a fantastic job communicating to the viewer Pizza Hut’s rich history and the innovative tools they’ve used to create a consistently wonderful customer experience.

Upshot- Kraft

Brad Paisley Kraft Campaign

Kraft hired Upshot for a funny digital media project. Upshot created an entertaining and humorous video, which featured country music start Brad Paisley, and utilized the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfCheese across all social media platforms. The project was effective in getting users to share their love of cheese on social media, try new cheesy recipes and enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win daily prizes.

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