Top 20 Chicago Agencies You Need to Know

Introducing the top Chicago agencies in advertising, marketing, digital and design.

Chicago, the birthplace of modern advertising, is home to some of the most innovative and inventive agencies in the country. The city boasts a rich history of marketing and design excellence that many creatives in the city continue to draw inspiration from. The combination of history, modern advertising and brand presence has made Chicago fertile ground for the best marketing agencies. So which agencies have made it to the top of such a storied marketing city? Let’s take a look below!

Top 20 Chicago Agencies

Advertising & Marketing Professionals in Chicago

10twelve – 10twelve is the Chicago marketing strategy agency that has a passion for helping business’ grow all without the bullsh*t. Their direct and simple approach to their company has helped them amass an impressive roster of clients from small to mid-size companies to Fortune 500 brands.

Eicoff – Eicoff is the Chicago advertising agency that specializes in designing and activating innovative, multi-screen television and digital video solutions. With over 50 years of experience, Eicoff believes in using the power of video content to build brands and drive results.

Havas Impact – Havas Impact is the Chicago experiential marketing agency that makes experiential-impossible possible. They strive to provide their clients with a full range of integrated tools and services across multidimensional platforms from sampling and events to social media and more. – is the Chicago marketing strategy agency that was founded on the principal of morphing its resources to become a unique agency that fits to each of their clients needs. The 150-person agency consists of five Chicago agencies: BKV, DRUM, Hiccup, Resonant Analytics, and UMarketing.

Leviathan – Leviathan is the Chicago experiential agency that creates engaging narrative content and experiences for brands worldwide. Using ground breaking technology and creative, Leviathan’s creations keeps audiences enthralled and brings them back wanting more.

Fred & Associates – Fred & Associates is the Chicago media agency that provides marketing expertise back by innovation and anchored by experience. The women-owned, award-winning, independent agency was founded by Jen Brady, a marketing leader with over two decades of experience.

Engage & Resonate – Engage & Resonate is the Chicago experiential marketing agency with over 16 years of industry experience. They are all about creating the most effective consumer engagement experiences and activations for their partners.

Youtech & Associates – Youtech & Associates is the Chicago marketing agency that was ranked 24th in the world for the best responsive design. Started in 2012, with a distinct idea in mind, Youtech has assembled the best creatives and engineers to effectively refresh your business from any angle.

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Digital Experts in Chicago

ESV Digital – ESV Digital is the Chicago digital strategy agency helping their clients navigate the wide range of digital challenges companies face today. The agency pioneered the paid search software development in 2004 and manages more than $300M media spend across the globe today.

SoMe Connect – SoMe Connect is the Chicago digital marketing agency building online brands for companies of all sizes. Simply put, they make it easy for their clients to be online engaged with their audiences and drive new traffic.

StickOutSocial – StickOutSocial is the Chicago web design agency specializing in web development and design. In the world of a billion different websites, SOS is the agency that can help you stick out in all the clutter.

Comrade Web Agency – Comrade Web Agency is the Chicago digital marketing agency comprised of talented designers, developers, brand specialists, technology geeks and dreamers. Established in 2007, the full-service digital agency drives results for their partners by blending web design, SEO and inbound marketing.

Juice Interactive – Juice Interactive is the Chicago digital strategy agency that offer inventive solutions that turn challenges into opportunities. There are no pre-packaged ideas here. Just original ideas that start conversations…

Magnani Continuum Marketing – Magnani Continuum Marketing is the Chicago digital advertising agency bringing creative ideas to help your business grow. The Chicago agency structures their client-agency relationship based on what suits their clients best, not what is in their best interest.

Design Geniuses in Chicago

ArtVersion Interactive – ArtVersion Interactive is the Chicago graphic design agency consisting of highly skilled, award-winning creative professionals and graphic designers. The independent creative agency works with startups and Fortune 500 companies to help them refine their branding and reach optimal communication.

Damen Jackson – Damen Jackson is the Chicago branding agency that has been providing 360° brand support to clients of all sizes since 1998. From consumer packaging to product design, this Chicago design firm creates meaningful brand stories through images and messaging.

Fresh Design Studio – Fresh Design Studio is the Chicago web design agency that doesn’t just design websites to be pretty. Their goal is to create material that influence their clients audience and furthers their mission. Design that communicates, not decorates.

Yeah Design Works – Yeah Design Works is the Chicago branding agency that has a team with over 45 years of combined design experience. This Chicago agency specializes in creating integrated visual identities for brands, having the greatest success in new product launches and extending brands into new markets.

Bright Bright Great – Bright Bright Great is the Chicago design strategy agency that has been creating amazing design experiences since 2007. Using both design and technology, BBG has been building successful digital products for clients of all sizes.

AgencyMSI – AgencyMSI is the Chicago branding agency that has been independently owned for over 50 years. They launch, reinvent and reposition incredible brands for leading consumer products, speciality retailers and dealers.

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