Meet Chicago Experiential Marketing Agency: Havas Impact

Havas Impact is the Chicago experiential marketing agency that makes experiential-impossible possible. They strive to provide their clients with a full range of integrated tools and services across multidimensional platforms from sampling and events to social media and more.

Havas Impact has generated big results for some of the top brands worldwide like jetBlue, General Mills and Nature Valley. The Chicago agency has been prolific in their sampling experience, boasting a proprietary network that has provided two billion samples since 2001. Their resume and results speak for themselves. Read below to find out more about this impact agency.


Inside Havas Impact

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In Chicago Since: 1998

Core Services: Experiential marketing, event production and sampling, with full strategic and creative development services.

# of Employees: 55

# of Four-Legged Employees: We have somewhere in the range of 15 dogs of all shapes and sizes running around Havas Chicago. Watch where you step!

1. Their origin story…

We were born out several different entities over the course of our history … but what emerged is an Event Marketer It Agency stalwart that is an experiential leader of the Havas Worldwide network. Where we started isn’t very interesting … but where we sit today is!

2. What you’ll find inside:

The Havas Chicago ‘Village’ (office) has curated an amazing set of art from various Chicago street artists that has made the office walls much more valuable than anything in it! The inspiring pieces from artists like JC Rivera and Faust make coming to work that much better everyday. Having our own barbershop ‘Funks Havas’ doesn’t suck either.

3. The meaning of #agencylife…

Well, we just take each day, one game at a time. That’s how we do it.

havas impact logo

“We make the experiential-impossible, possible” (we like making up phrases)


Chicago Creative

4. Why Havas Impact loves CHI Town:

Chicago is the best city in America because our people have a grit like not much care for fluff, but with the diverse culture in food, music, PR, architecture, art and fashion to rival all others in the world. As Miley Cyrus said, we have the best of both worlds.

5. Chicago campaign Havas Impact is proudest of:

This past year, we were lucky enough to activate a record-setting event at Wrigley Field, on the same grass that would crown the first World Championship for the Cubs since 1908. We helped our partner Hefty set a new world record flip cup game with their Ultimate Party Cups … all while raising money for Cubs charities. It was an awesome experience for the brand and our team, working with their favorite hometown team in the middle of this mind-blowing season.

havas impact hefty cups

6. National campaign Havas Impact is proudest of:

For three straight years, we took household cleaning product leader Lysol around the country in a retro school bus to teach families about germs through a high-tech mobile science lab. The Healthy Habits Bus was a science lab and kids ‘museum’ on wheels that was pretty awesome, if we must say so. The tech experiences were super-fun and engaging … while helping to humanize a brand that didn’t have much of a personality.

havas impact lysol

7. Most admired Chicago brands:

Chicago’s Revolution Brewing keeps us hydrated with awesome beers and amazing design … while Bucketfeet is dressing us up, while putting money in artist’s wallets.

8. Most admired influencer in Chicago:

While we work in the same building with this guy, he ‘technically’ does not work for Havas Impact … so we’re clear. One of the many artists who inspire us everyday is photographer Craig Hensel (IG – @thecraighensel). He is an amazing photographer but a better person, who inspires us to make art and be good people in everything we do!

9. The best restaurant in Chicago:

Grace, if you’re a high-brow foodie with an expense account … or Weiner’s Circle if you care to be yelled at, at 3 in the morning over a $5 hot dog. Also, we gotta go with Piece for pizza, sorry deep dish lovers.

CHI office 1

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Sean Callahan, SVP (though he ‘may’ have heard this somewhere else, we’re not sure)


Partners in Crime

10. What they do for their clients:

We strategize, create and produce award-winning / breakthrough consumer brand experiences.

CHI office 2

11. Want to work with Havas Impact? This is what they look for in potential partners…

  • Creative.
  • Smart.
  • Respectful.

12. Clients love Havas Impact because…

Because we’re creative, smart and respectful. Both a lot of our clients and team members have been with Havas Impact for years, decades at some places, and this is because of the way we conduct our business for our clients and with our team members.

CHI office 5

13. Who they helped:

Cheerios, jetBlue, Nature Valley, K-Y, Hefty, Airwick, Twix, Keurig … to name a few.


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Daniel Kim