Meet Chicago Marketing Strategy Agency: 10twelve

10twelve is the Chicago marketing strategy agency that has a passion for helping business’ grow all without the bullsh*t. And that’s the motto 10twelve lives by – the no bullsh*t agency.

This direct and simple approach to their company has helped them amass an impressive roster of clients from small to mid-size companies to Fortune 500 brands. Clients have been singing the praises of this Chicago agency, calling them the “dream team” and even saying that they will never use anyone else but 10twelve. Want to grow your business? Then reach out to the guys at 10twelve.


Inside 10twelve

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In Chicago Since: 2011

Core Services: Marketing strategy, execution, implementation and management.

# of Employees: 6 full-time, 4 part-time

# of Four-Legged Employees: 7 (3 dogs, 4 cats)

1. Their origin story…

We started creating and managing our own brands. Our core team has been with the founder, Ray for many years working in various entities Ray has owned and operated. We were getting really frustrated utilizing outside agencies who did not deliver, fed us bullsh*t metrics and really didn’t offer any strategy to grow. From that frustration grew an idea that we could accomplish those goals on our own for ourselves and others.

2. What you’ll find inside:

1964 Lincoln Continental

3. The meaning of #agencylife…

Creativity, idea generation, disruptive marketing.

10twelve lincoln 1964

“No Bullsh*t


Chicago Creative

4. Why 10twelve loves CHI Town:

FUN. There is no shortage of fun between festivals, shows, downtown nightlife, music, killer food and of course, anything near the lake.

5. Chicago campaign 10twelve is proudest of:

Team Stradale; We are proud to be working with Team Stradale and be their outsourced marketing team managing all of their strategic marketing. They are a company of high integrity, fun to work with and growing. We have a passion for helping businesses grow and develop.

10twelve team stradale

6. National campaign 10twelve is proudest of:

Global School Access; GSA is in a niche market segment and growing internationally. This is a great company to work with as we are constantly challenged and learning new things as we cater to their needs and the demands of an international brand with identity, websites and collateral in multiple languages.

10twelve global school access

7. Most admired Chicago brands:

Basecamp, Koval, The Onion

8. Most admired influencer in Chicago:

Scott Wilson – MNML

9. The best restaurant in Chicago:

Ray’s House

“Serving our clients is not about showing them what their business is; it’s about showing them what their business can be.”

– Ray Sjolseth, Founder/Creative Director


Partners in Crime

10. What they do for their clients:

We solve issues that clients don’t often realize they have.

10twelve 1

11. Want to work with 10twelve? This is what they look for in potential partners…

  • Dedication to their craft or brand.
  • Fun to work with.
  • Communicates well.

12. Clients love 10twelve because…

We are focused not just on the immediate task in front of us, but also our client’s future goals and needs. This helps us build a strategic plan to assist them in achieving their goals and reaching the next big steps in the growth of their companies or products.


13. Who they helped:

Team Stradale, Ellevate, F3 Cycling, Global School Access, The Crazy Crab Chicago, Burdeen’s Jewelers, The Open Track, Golf Trucks, Specialty Alarm Engineering, 0-SIXTY


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Daniel Kim