Meet Chicago Design Strategy Agency: Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great is the Chicago design strategy agency that has been creating amazing design experiences since 2007. Using both design and technology, BBG has been building successful digital products for clients of all sizes. The Chicago agency is not in the business of making just websites but in the business of solving problems that build brands. From interactive, mobile interface and online marketing, to copywriting, information architecture, and user experience studies, BBG’s got you covered.


Inside Bright Bright Great

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In Chicago Since: 2006

Core Services: BBG’s 4 Pillars: Research & Strategy, Design (includes Brand, Art Direction, Photography, Videography, illustration, etc.), Technology, Ongoing Marketing Support

# of Employees: 10

# of Four-Legged Employees: 2, both named Bella. Clearly we dig the Twilight series here.

1. Their origin story…

How about this for a cool origin. Bright Bright Great was actually started as a NAFTA loophole to keep my then Mexican girlfriend legally in the United States of America. I was working at an Inc 500 at the time and we started BBG to extend her stay knowing full well that government efficiency (whether or not we were approved) would keep her here more than a year/2 without having to go back to Mexico every 90 days.

Well after 2 years BBG was denied as a legitimate company from the U.S. Government, clearly they didn’t believe in us. 10 years later, STILL a legitimate company.

2. What you’ll find inside:

We have a risograph machine that we try to take advantage of every step we can. Risography is kind of in the middle between a color photocopy and a screenprint. It produces amazing print with character.

3. The meaning of #agencylife…

We are small but mighty. We put out work that teams of 30 struggle to do so. Every day is about hard work, staying sharp and creation of amazing tools for our clients.

bbg 1

“Make cool shit that solves problems


Chicago Creative

4. Why BBG loves CHI Town:

Chicagoans. They know how to put in work.

5. Chicago campaign BBG is proudest of:

We very much loved working with Cards Against Humanity on their 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit campaign.

bbg cards against humanity

6. Most admired Chicago brands:

Dark Matter, Avondale Type Co., Mlmtr, Cards Against Humanity, Fourth Is King

7. Most admired influencer in Chicago:

Amy Nicole Schwartz

8. The best restaurant in Chicago:

Some favorites: Rocking Horse. Lula Cafe. Same Day Cafe. Reno. Boiler Room. Piece Pizza.

bbg 3

Your best work is what I expect from you. Your worst work is what I will judge you on.”
– Jason Schwartz, Creative Director


Partners in Crime

9. What they do for their clients:

Design thinking will solve problems and push your brand forward.

bbg 2

10. Want to work with BBG? This is what they look for in potential partners…

  • Value creative and understand that there is more than just hands on mouse to push successful product.
  • Clients who need tools built to push their brand forward.
  • Clients who want to stick around with us to lead their brand and supplement their team.

11. Clients love BBG because…

We always launch. We also always launch in budget.

bbg 4

12. Who they helped:

Strata, University of Chicago, Uncle Goose, Cards Against Humanity, Gogo, Ferguson Enterprises, HighTower Financial, Nike, AIGA


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Daniel Kim