Top 10 Marketing Articles From 2017

As we enter a new year, I always like to reflect on the year and learn from our top 10 marketing articles. Agency Spotter has covered a lot of ground this year from new product features like Brand Pages, showing stats for more than 100 of the largest companies and their marketing agencies on the platform, to launching quarterly Top Agency Reports for Digital, Branding, Advertising, Design, Marketing, User Experience and more.

Looking back over our 2017 content, these are the top 10 marketing articles you engaged with the most. If you missed one, now is a great time to catch up. If you’re writing your own articles, perhaps this list will help you hone your topics for 2018. Either way, the Agency Spotter Team and I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with love and new accomplishments!

Top 10 Marketing Articles On Marketing Matters In 2017

  1. Top 20 Branding Agencies You Need To Know

    Since we wrote this article, we have launched our Top Branding Agencies Reports which come out quarterly and rank branding agencies based on factors including great work, verified client reviews, and a lot more information to help you find a top branding agency partner.
    top branding agencies

  2. 5 Marketing Podcasts To Keep You On Top

    There are loads of podcasts that we all enjoy now. This article got so popular that we’ve had many of them reach out asking to be included in a 2018 version. We hope you’re enjoying these and will share your favorites with us.
    top marketing podcasts

  3. 5 Questions To Ask Your Next Advertising Agency

    This gem comes from our 5 Questions To Ask Agencies Series which has cheat sheets for a lot of different service areas from PPC to content marketing.
    5 Questions To Ask Your Next Advertising Agency

  4. 5 Women Owned Agencies Your Should Know About

    On Agency Spotter‘s agency search platform, you can filter by “women owned” agencies. If that is important to you or your brand, it is one of many ways you can narrow your search to find the right fit partner.
    5 Women Owned Agencies You Should Know

  5. Top 20 Marketers In Chicago

    Chicago helped forge the modern marketing and advertising industry, and these individuals are doing amazing things today. How many do you know?
    Top 20 Marketers in Chicago

  6. Top 20 Women In Marketing

    As a big supporter of equality, this was one of my favorite articles of the year. If you don’t know at least half of these amazing leaders, I recommend that you get to know them in 2018.
    top women in marketing

  7. 4 Awesome RFP Alternatives For Your Creative Agency Search

    The backlash against RFPs started towards the end of 2015 and has only continued to grow. We have a lot of articles around this topic and also share steps on how to do an agency search on Agency Spotter.
    4 Alternatives to the RFP for Your Creative Agency Search

  8. 5 Digital Agencies Working With Startups

    If you’re a small business or a startup looking for a marketing agency, a branding agency, or a user experience design firm, I highly recommend using our budget filter to identify agencies who you are more likely to be able to afford for the specific service that you need. You can also filter by agencies who have experience in a specific industry or look for agencies who are small with the “less than 10” size filter.
    copious agency project with birchbox

  9. Top 20 Chicago Agencies You Need To Know

    While Chicago is an amazing city for marketing and advertising, don’t forget to check out our Top NYC Digital Agencies Report and search for a partner near you.
    Top 20 Chicago Agencies

  10. 5 Questions To Ask Your Next Branding Agency

    While our 5 Questions To Ask Agencies Series is popular, don’t forget to check out our other series, including Ask The Expert, CMO Talks, and Building A Better Shortlist.
    5 Questions To Ask Your Next Branding Agency

I hope you enjoyed our top 10 marketing articles and continue to use us as a key resource for your marketing agency search, selection, and management. Please join our main platform on Agency Spotter so that we can keep you informed of the latest industry trends, top agency reports, and new products we are launching that may help you and your colleagues.

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