5 Marketing Podcasts To Keep You At The Top

With the “Golden Age of Podcasts” upon us, we’ve complied 5 must listen to marketing podcasts to keep you at the top of your game.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying that podcasts are just another medium for entertainment and a time to listen to unsolved murder mysteries like Serial. And while you’re right, you’re also kind of wrong. On the Subway, in their cars, and on flights across the country, top marketers are using Podcasts as powerful learning and research tools to stay up to speed on the latest across the industry.

The average commute time for people in the U.S. is 25.4 minutes, use that time wisely and listen to these 5 can’t-miss podcasts.


Top Marketing Trends Podcast:

The BeanCast Marketing Podcast

the beancast marketing podcast

To be a great marketer, you have to be up-to-date with the latest news and trends of the marketing world. The landscape is changing so quickly that if you don’t stay on top of the trends, you’ll get left behind.

First of all, The BeanCast is funny. The humor alone will keep you engaged, but add marketing to the mix and it’s like the marketing 101 class of your dreams. Hosted by Bob Knorpp, The BeanCast is a panel of every-changing guests that have thought-provoking discussion about recent trends/news in marketing, advertising and public relations. A incredibly insightful podcast that mixes business with humor. Did I mention it was funny?


Top Digital Marketing Podcast:

Six Pixels of Separation

six pixels of separationWith the rise of smartphones and tablets, the need to know all the different digital channels has become a top priority for any brand or business. It’s tough to navigate through the world of digital marketing, but Mitch Joel and Six Pixels of Separation are here to be your digital road map.

Mitch Joel, the President of Twist Image, talks to the great minds and thought leaders of the digital space and touch on the trends and best practices that you need to know. These guests are people you would want as a digital advisor to your business. Why miss out on great FREE advice?


Top New Media Marketing Podcast:

Marketing Over Coffee

marketing over coffeeIf you’re only relying on traditional marketing and not new media marketing, you could be in serious trouble. Knowing about SEO, Google Analytics and other inbound marketing tactics could be the difference in your company succeeding.

Hosted by John Wall (VP of Marketing at EventHero) and Christopher Penn (VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications), most of MoC podcasts are under 30 minutes and provide great new media marketing content with people in the business and tech world. They are joined by great guest like Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott. Check these guys out if you want to be a master in new media.

Top Social Media Podcast:

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media. What can I say? It has become a necessity for any brand or business to implement in their marketing strategy, no matter how big or small you are. With social media becoming a vital part of the industry, there has been a overflow of both good and bad social media strategies. How do you know what works?

That is where the Social Media Marketing podcast comes to save the day. Learn from Michael Stelzner, founder of the Social Media Examiner, about the different social media strategies and tactics that work. Make changes and add value to your current social media marketing from the interviews and success stories on the show.


Top Creative Podcast:

The Accidental Creative

the accidental creativeWhile this podcast does not fall into the “marketing” category, it is a great podcast to listen to for those who work in the creative space. Working in a “create-on-demand” world can really become a mental grind, so if you’re looking for tips and suggestions on how to improve your creative process, listen to this podcast.

Todd Henry, the host of The Accidental Creative, touches on unique topics that aren’t really discussed on other podcasts or even at work. The mental and emotional side of doing any job is usually swept under the rug, but Henry brings forward career anxieties and issues that are vital to a healthy work life. At times it may feel like you’re listening to a motivational speaker, but don’t be fooled, this guy knows his stuff. Please listen if you work in any role in the creative space.


Getting Started!

On your next drive to work, don’t listen to countless hours of meaningless morning radio. Use your commute time to stay on top of your game and become the marketing guru you always wanted to be. Or use Agency Spotter and find the best marketing agencies from around the world.

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Daniel Kim