Top 10 Agency Projects You Need To See: Sept 2016

Finding top marketing agency projects based on brands and services can be a pretty difficult task, but with Agency Spotter’s Project Search feature, you can search for all kinds of agency projects from digital to advertising and even search by brands. Using the Project Search feature, we were able to compile some of the top marketing agency projects for you to check out this month. We have some incredibly innovative and interesting work that covers NFL Sunday Ticket, awareness campaigns and more.

Without further adiu, please check out the top 10 marketing agency projects for September 2016.


DX Agency is a creative strategy and engagement agency, which they utilized in their campaign with DIRECTV. The campaign revolved around DIRECTV’s “NFL Sunday Ticket” package. DIRECTV worked with DX in a coordinated effort with their digital team to target a specific demographic and turn them into new subscribers.

The campaign was a success, with the campaign producing nearly $5.00 return on advertising spending (ROAS) on the $250 package.

directv nfl sunday ticket

Brokaw – GE Lighting

Brokaw worked with GE lighting to create the “GE Reveal Influencer Campaign”. GE wanted Brokaw to help them connect with a new, younger audience, and specifically, get them to start talking about the light bulbs. The content marketing influencer strategy worked with three GE’s biggest retail partners — Target, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot — along with bringing on a couple of famous bloggers to promote online videos of real home makeover projects. They even added prizes as a way to increase interest in the campaign.

ge lighting #100reveal

Siegel + Gale – CVS Health

CVS Health was going through a major change in March 2014 after the CVS became the first pharmacy to remove Tobacco entirely from its stores. CVS Caremark is the largest pharmacy health services provider in the U.S., so CVS brought in Siegel + Gale to produce a campaign that would give CVS a fresh, post-tobacco change.

The pharmacy brand became CVS Health that united its four business units for the first time ever. They also pushed out an online video that explained the re-branding.

Liquid Rock Games – Cadbury

Cadbury was looking for a way to promote their new chocolate bar product, but 5 Senses Event Management wanted to promote it via a PC Kinect game. The game, Cookie Crusher, had the player step on as many cookies as possible in a certain amount of time.

5 Senses Event Management provided LRG the tools they needed to develop the software from the design and storyboards they gave LRG.

Janimation Studios – MaryKay

Janimaton Studios, a turnkey production studio located in Dallas with over 24 years of experience, worked with the highly-renowned brand MaryKay to help launch the brand’s new skincare product. Janimation Studios created a 3-minute video that not only highlighted the new product called, Youthfinity, but also included interviews with MaryKay executives along with stunning CG pieces.

GEM Advertising – Azerbaijan America Alliance

GEM Advertising is an award-winning, international agency that worked with the Azerbaijan America Alliance in a campaign entitled Khojaly Awareness campaign. The goal of the campaign was to shed light on the Nagorno-Karabakh War and help bring back peace to the area.

The campaign included a 2-minute video that highlighted the importance of the issue, and how GEM Advertising completed the campaign.

Team One – Lexus

Team One is agency that focuses on brand specialty, which was a valuable trait to have in their campaign with Lexus and Facebook. Team One utilized the data from Facebook, one of the most powerful ways to learn about your target audience, to reach the demographics that Lexus NS wanted to target in their campaign.

In this digital-strategy campaign, Team One focused on using Facebook to localize users’ interests so the campaign would provide fruitful results for Lexus NS by creating messaging that was extremely relevant to their interests based on the data Team One accumulated from Facebook.

team one facebook and lexus project

Amelie Company – Colorado Dept of Transportation

In January 2014, a lot changed in Colorado with the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. In an effort to increase awareness, the Colorado Dept of Transportation hired the services of Amelie Company to create the campaign “Drive High, Get a DUI.”

Amelie Company targeted 21-34 year old males, but instead of lecturing this demographic, which their data showed would be ill-advised, the agency crafted a 30-second video that focused on humor while still educating this demographic of what the Colorado Dept of Transportation wanted.

Flo – Inspirage

Flo, a video creative agency, had their work cut out for them when Inspirage brought them on to create 10 client testimonial videos in just 4 hours. The task was difficult, but Flo created the 10 videos that were clean and simple, but were just what Inspirage was looking for.

Rains | Birchard Marketing – Mercedes-Benz Financial Services / Daimler Truck Financial

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services / Daimler Truck Financial hired Rains | Birchard Marketing to piece together the former’s launch kit. It was a large task, but Birchard Marketing followed the requirements laid out by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services / Daimler Truck Financial to a tee. Paper selection, number of inks used, etc. were all followed that result in a kit that highlighted the “Complete Advantage Financing Launch” in a stunning, crisp way.

mercedes-benz financial services

Project Search

These were just 10 examples of outstanding marketing agency projects, but by using our Project Search you will find so many more. But if you are looking for something more specific like advertising campaigns with Nike or just interested in the Coca-Cola way of marketing, then check out the new Project Search feature on Agency Spotter and gain access to hundreds of agency projects from your favorite brands and marketing agencies.

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