CMO Talks: Designing The Brand Experience at AT&T

How do you unify a Fortune 100 brand as old as AT&T? Hear from design and brand identity executive, Gregg Heard, as he shares the progress that AT&T has made and how that drives the brand experience customers.

Gregg Heard, Vice President of Brand Identity and Design, at AT&T talks about bringing the company together through their brand, including helping people connect with advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed Internet services and smart solutions for businesses.

Gregg is responsible for developing a Design competence and culture within AT&T, working with internal and external teams to bring the expression of the brand to life across all global channels and touchpoints. delivered to around 100 marketing professionals in Atlanta on August 11, 2016 as part of the CMO Breakfast Series.

Gregg covers AT&T’s creation and use of the sonic logo, how branding for the Internet of Things (IoT) is being approached, and how such a big brand can remain personal to an individual. We’ve pulled some of the key take aways and hope you enjoy this CMO Talk.

“There are now 29 million Internet of Things objects that are connected to the network, and that number is going to exponentially explode over the next few years. So, we become a very different type of AT&T.”
–Gregg Heard, AT&T

“Great brand experiences don’t happen by accident, they are designed. We transformed all elements of the identity system, making it much more multi-sensorial and multi-dimensional.”
–Gregg Heard, AT&T

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