Introducing Project Search: Find Your Next Partner By The Great Work They Do

Let those with the best work win

Agency Spotter releases Project Search, delivering another industry innovation to drive change and transparency across the marketing services industry. Project Search allows marketers to find amazing creative partners, design firms, and production studios by looking at their work first.

Decision makers can favorite or add interesting agencies to custom lists. Keep track of agencies you would like to work with and one’s you never want to work with again. It’s your search, take control, and find the best fit.

Discover who’s been working with Nike or Red Bull

As a marketer, you are no longer limited. As a creative leader at a brand, you can now find inspiration in what others are doing. Check out this Red Bull video by Smith Brothers Agency or Birchbox ecommerce work by Copious.

Do a nike project search on Agency Spotter

Take a look at agency and design work done for Nike, Adidas, Red Bull, Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company, and Viacom.

Whether you search by brand or search by services like user experience or branding, there are thousands of potential partners out there. Now, it’s even easier to discover the top agencies you should consider.

Agency Spotter liberates the information and amazing work behind the world’s best agencies across all marketing services, from digital and mobile to branding, innovation and design. Whether your brand is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, there are things you can learn about future partners to help with your agency search today.

Have agencies share the best work you’ve done together

Be remembered. Remember which partners did great work for your team. Not only can you build custom lists to keep track of it all. You can even publish your lists publicly. What are the top 10 projects you’ve seen this month on Agency Spotter?

Whether you’re at a brand partnering with a design firm or a mobile agency, now you can tell the world about the work you’ve done.

Discover top agency projects today

Project Search features

  • Agencies can tag team members
  • Agencies can ask a client to verify the work
  • Marketers can search by the type of project service or by the brand name
  • Favorite projects that stand out
  • Review projects you’ve favorited under My Account
  • Share the best agency projects

Take it to the next level

Invite the agency to discuss your next initiative, add them to a shortlist, and hire them. It’s easy to see what else agencies have done, read their client reviews, and contact them directly through Agency Spotter.

And, as always, your agency search is free on Agency Spotter.


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