Marketers Are Searching For You. Here’s How to Get Noticed.

portfolio checklistMake your agency stand out from the crowd.

Thousands of marketers search Agency Spotter every month. Can they find your agency? Show them how you won that big award or worked with a Fortune 100 brand with your Agency Spotter portfolio.

Why Being on Agency Spotter Makes a Difference

81% of marketing budget holders start their agency search on the web, often with a simple Google search. Your portfolio gives you one more place to be found.

Most marketing service buyers are 50 – 60% of the way through their buying cycle before even contacting agencies.

Catch Marketers’ Eyes, From Top-to-Bottom

Let’s get your portfolio looking it’s best, starting at the top.

What You Do

  • Core Service: Your selection determines how you will show-up in searches. Choose the service you’re known for: design, innovation, strategy, advertising, pr, etc.
  • Header Image: Treat this as your billboard, sharing images of your people, place, or work.
  • About Us Title: Introduce your agency, make it short and sweet.
  • About Us Body: Here’s your chance to tell visitors what’s unique about your agency: your people, your process, or maybe your perspective. Keep it focused and avoid repeating what’s already included in your portfolio.get noticed
  • Project Examples: Marketers are hungry for this. Share examples of your great work.
  • Footer: Use this space freely-talk about your blog, the awesome talent you have, your latest award.

Who You Are & Where You Are

  • Key Contacts: Help marketers get to know the right people at your agency by including the LinkedIn profiles for your point-of-contact for new business.
  • Contact Info: Brands will contact you directly from your portfolio. Make sure you’ve got the right email address for new business inquiries.
  • Location: Verify your city, state, and country so you show-up in the right geographic-based searches

Why You’re the Right Fit

get noticed

  • Clients: Share a handful of your current or past clients. Keep it fresh.
  • Budget: These numbers are 100% private and never seen by anyone on the site. It’s an important input because it gives you get more qualified leads through our search tool. Leave it blank and you won’t show-up when users search by budget.
  • Size: Some brands search for small, medium, or large agencies, depending on their specific needs. Don’t leave this blank, or you won’t show-up when users search by agency size.
  • Industry/Audience Specialities: Let marketers know where you have deep expertise and focus.
  • Affiliation: Part of a large network or are you more independent? Brands are turned-on by both, so wear your badge proudly!


  • Public URL: You can customize your Agency Spotter portfolio URL to amp up your SEO.
  • Share: Once you’re happy with your portfolio, help it gain traction by sharing it through your digital channels. Giving it a push might get you on our Trending Now page!get noticed
  • Review: Word of mouth is still crucial to agency search. Invite your best client to start you off with a stellar review!

Get New Business Faster

Agency Spotter is a powerful business development tool for your agency. With this list as your guide, devote a few minutes to update and polish your portfolio to attract the qualified leads you want. Designed with busy people like yourself in mind, a little effort goes a long way with Agency Spotter. Log-on to Agency Spotter today to make your agency standout from the crowd. Haven’t claimed your portfolio yet? Get started here!

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