The 10 Best Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week

marketing tweetsMore than just donuts.

Last week kicked off with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in California (#WWDC14). By Friday, the trending topics had moved on to sugar-high inducing National Donut Day (#nationaldonutday) and the 70th anniversary of D-Day (#dday70). Catch all those hashtags? And we haven’t even hit the marketing world yet!

In case you were too busy plotting how you’ll be the first to get Apple’s new watch this fall, here are the marketing tweets you missed.

Content Marketing, Brands & Kimye

A great article on how B2B brands can create and leverage stories (almost) as big as Kimye.

Harvard Business Review recommends you tell that brand story authentically.

Content marketing? So hot right now. Two tweets to help you stay on top of best practices.

Brands Owning Stories

You decide: which brand wins at #NationalDonutDay, Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme? Dunkin’ Donuts combined sprinkles and Vine to celebrate:

While Krispy Kreme kept it clean and simple:

Apple uses the Worldwide Developers Conference to speak to developers and the larger Apple-loving community. Who thought an video about apps could be so inspiring?

Even a horse can be a brand endorser. California Chrome signed with Breathe Right Nasal Strips

AND Skechers Footwear. (Skechers has clarified that they will not be making horseshoes.)

World Cup Fever

The World Cup starts this week. Even if you’re not a devoted soccer fan, these uniform requirements would make any designer’s head spin. Whatever you do, don’t bet on a team in a one-piece uniform.

Watch that Newsfeed

We guarantee this week will bring more great marketing tweets. Stay turned for a special edition of this series next Monday, especially if you happen to be in the New England area. See a tweet you know we’ll love? Share it with us!

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