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The Webby Awards, a creation of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, recognize the very best of the web. There are 100+ award categories, which results in a rather long list of winners. In the interest of your time, we pulled together a short, variety-packed list of five interesting winners worth knowing. Enjoy!

webby awards

 1. Talk to a Plant by Carmichael Lynch

Category: Social Content & Marketing, Weird

Created to promote Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition, this web experience and social campaign tested the myth that talking to plants helps them grow stronger and healthier. Using the hashtag #talktoaplant, tweets were collected and read to a group of plants at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science while control plants sat in silence. The web experience elegantly illustrated how the two groups preformed. (Spoiler alert: The myth is true.)

2. The Nike SB App by R/GA

Category: Mobile & Apps, Sports (Handheld)

This app has it all. 616 skateboard tricks are organized into a visual Trick Tree, complete with multi-angle videos of pros preforming each trick to help users up their skate park cred. Once you’ve used the app to master your nosegrind overturn, you can challenge other users to a game of S.K.A.T.E. (the skateboarding version of H.O.R.S.E.). To launch the app, R/GA brought together 28 pro skaters to complete the entire Trick Tree during a 24-hour live broadcast on YouTube. Sweet dude.

3.  Art, Copy & Code by 72andsunny

Category: Web, Corporate Communications

Google wanted to create a series of experiments to re-imagine advertising, so 72andsunny created a video introduction to that re-imagination. The video is dynamic, producing a unique viewing experience for each viewer, every time. Take a minute to watch on the site – it’s pretty cool.


4. Nature Valley Trail View 2.0 by McCann New York

Category: Interactive Advertising and Media, Consumer Packaged Goods

Nature Valley wants to bring nature lovers closer to the great outdoors. Using Google’s Street View technology, the Trail View site allows users to explore 400 miles of National Park trails from a 360 degree viewpoint. From a desktop or mobile device, users can virtually walk the trails of Yellowstone, Sequoia, Grand Canyon and the Great Smokies National Parks. The interactive map describes the distance and difficulty of each trail, points of interest, and preservation efforts. Just watching makes you want to lace-up your hiking boots and munch on a granola bar.

5. Prudential’s The Challenge Lab by Droga5

Category: Interactive Advertising and Media, Financial Services

Americans aren’t great at saving for retirement. Instead of waggling a finger, Prudential thought it was better to explain and help us tackle the five human behaviors that prevent us from saving. Droga5 created 75 pieces of interactive content for that purpose. It’s not easy to present complex behavioral theories in a simple user experience. Which is why this is award-winning work.

Prudential Challenge Lab from Droga5 Design on Vimeo.


Until Next Year

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