10 #Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week: From Earth Day to Google+

twitter marketing3.5 billion tweets are sent every week. That fact doesn’t dissuade us from pulling together our 10 favorites to share with you. Last week we saw brands celebrating Earth Day and pundits pronouncing Google+’s impending death. Quite the variety. Here are a few more marketing-related tweets to keep you in-the-know.


For those of you enjoying #agencylife, some tips on maintaining a happy client/agency relationship:

How much does the pitch process cost an agency (in British pounds)? This infographic will tell you.


We <3 Social Media

Looking to be the social media master for your B2B company? @JeffBullas can help.

Which might mean you cut your losses with Google+:

@Wayne gave mobile marketers this advice at #MITMobileX:

Remember those early days of Twitter? Neither do we. Which is why we enjoyed this analysis of Twitter’s beginnings:

Twitter’s new profiles are slowly taking over. Have you updated yours? Starbucks has. And they’re pinning tweets.


Hodgepodge of Fun

Ben & Jerry’s formula for the perfect branded Earth Day tweet = hugs + ice cream + trees.

Google Glass: now available to the hoi polli!

For advertising folks who love Game of Thrones:


Until Next Week…

We’ll be sorting through billions of tweets when we’re not working tirelessly to improve how marketers and creative agencies find each other. In the meantime, come find Agency Spotter on Twitter (or on FacebookPinterest and LinkedIn). See you out in the Twitterverse!

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Claire Wallace