10 Great #Marketing Tweets You Missed Last Week

Occasionally we like to take a quick trip down our Twitter memory lane. With 500 million tweets sent per day, it’s easy to miss the standouts. Think of everything that’s happened in the past few days: Heartbleed, Google Glass, the Easter Bunny. In an effort to keep you up to speed on all things marketing, here are the tweets we found valuable last week.


Fast Company on how your brand can win on Instagram:

The Breakfast Wars between McDonald’s and Taco Bell have taken to Snapchat:

Vice President Joe Biden is now on Instagram. Whoa.

And despite every brand’s best efforts to gain impressions on social media, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart put them all to shame:

Beat on the Street

AMA Atlanta brought in Louis Gump, CEO of LSNMobile, for a casual afternoon chat. The result was a pretty cool history lesson:

AMP Agency created this social campaign to help John Hancock raise money for The One Fund leading up to the Boston Marathon:


Layering the Heartbleed bug on top of the Target data breach, data security has become an even more popular discussion topic:

And Twitter quietly makes an big data acquisition:

Pain Points, Branding & Empathy

This article on long agency shortlists sheds more light on a pain point Agency Spotter can remedy:

A must-read for every brand marketer out there:

And to wrap up, sometimes it’s important to put yourself in the other side’s shoes:

Now You’re Up to Speed

We love how Twitter keeps us updated on the pulse of the marketing world. Especially since Agency Spotter is in the business of solving every marketer’s worst nightmare: the long, expensive and inefficient agency search. (Plus following @cuteemergency makes us smile.) Check back soon for another curated rundown on the marketing world!

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Claire Wallace