Top 10 Locations For Agency Search in May

Top 10 Locations Searching for Agencies
We’re always looking for ways to turn our data into something valuable for marketers and agencies. Today, we’re sharing the top 10 locations marketers are conducting agency searches from based on our data from May.

Every month, we see thousands of marketers searching for advertising agencies, design firms, and lots of other core services. Ever wondered where they are searching from? While we consistently see searches from over 60 countries, the density of searchers is highest in the USA and the UK. While New York taking the number one spot for agency searches may not surprise you, let us know if some of the others do.

Top 10 Locations For Agency Search


New York




Washington D.C.


San Francisco






Los Angeles







You can click on any of the city names to start your own search for agencies, design studios, research firms and much more. Make sure to check out agencies with customer reviews and, if you’re ready to build a short list, you can see how you’re connected to agencies to get the inside scoop from your LinkedIn network.

The team and I hope you discover something new, whether it is a potential partner, a customer review that interests you or an amazing project that an agency has posted. Stay tuned for more marketing data around discovering agencies and deciding on partners with more confidence than ever before!

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Brian Regienczuk is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agency Spotter. With over 19 years experience both at top brands and helping grow agencies, Brianwrites and speaks on topics related to finding and selecting great marketing, design and research partners, and on how the future of marketing demands that brand marketers and agencies work smarter together.
Brian Regienczuk
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