10 Marketing Tweets We Loved Last Week

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ICYMI: An acronym that exists for #marketing tweets.

For those of you wondering, ICYMI stands for “in case you missed it.” And it’s a term with a purpose: it’s all too easy to miss great Twitter moments during the week.

Let us be your marketing catch-all and curator. Refill that coffee mug and take a moment to get caught-up on the tweets you missed last week.

Moms, Dads & Being Hangry

Someone at LG (and Hill Holiday) has been listening-in on the internal dialogue of moms, we’re sure of it. These commercials are spot-on.

May and its Mother’s Day promotions are now behind us. Now it’s dad’s turn to be the promotional hook. Sadly (and not surprisingly), these $0.02 boxer briefs are already sold out.

Hangry = hungry + angry. This ad by Carmichael Lynch for Jack Link’s Jerky captures a pain point some of us experience daily.

Do Your Job Better

A handy tool to help you prioritize this week:

This will not surprise the parents out there. If you’re marketing to soon-to-be parents, it might be wise to invest in mobile advertising.

And some tips for when you’re marketing to those expectant parents on digital platforms:

But let’s not forget our B2B marketers. This deck from McKinsey could help your EBIT margin.

Design News

It ain’t easy designing the world’s first driverless car. But isn’t it cute?

This FIFA World Cup stadium was built before Brazil won the 2014 host country bid. It gets a new beautifully designed roof by Santini & Rocha just before the tournament kicks-off on June 12.

Massimo Vignelli died last Tuesday at the age of 83. You have him to thank for the iconic Bloomingdale’s logo.

Life (and Twitter) Moves Fast But…

Some tweets hold their own in history. Case in point, Dr. Maya Angelou’s last tweet before she passed away last week at the age of 86.

We wish you a great week. See a tweet you know we’ll love? Please share it with us!

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