Top Five Videos on Branding

Branding encompasses many things, from a brand’s visual identity to how a brand makes you feel to even the company’s voice. With so many different factors and variables, knowing what good branding and bad branding is can be difficult. Thankfully, Agency Spotter is here to help you get in front of the agencies who know branding the best but also bring you insights from top experts.

In this post, I want to share with you the top five branding videos from some very smart people who know a thing or two about branding. Let’s start with someone most of you should probably know…

Morgan Spurlock – The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold

Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker known for movies such as Super Size Me, gives a TED Talk on embracing transparency, fear and risk as a brand. While this video may make you laugh a bit, it is a dead serious look at what is branding. Sometimes through poking fun at something and looking at it through a new lens, we can learn a lot.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which was the 2011 documentary Spurlock was promoting at the time of this TED Talk, is a film about Spurlock’s journey through the world of advertising, and his mission to get his movie solely financed by product placement. During his talk, Spurlock shows us small segments of his documentary and gives us the inside look into how agencies and brands deal with sponsorships and product placement. Spurlock shows us that with a little risk and transparency, brands can go a long way.


Renny Gleeson – 404, The Story of a Page Not Found

Renny Gleeson, the Global Director of Interactive Strategies at Wieden + Kennedy, gives a TED Talk on how something as little as a 404 error page can be a tool to build your brand. He tells us the funny story of how one of the startups at his small incubator fell across this brilliant and creative idea.


Tim Leberecht – 3 Ways to (Usefully) Lose Control of Your Brand

Tim Leberecht is an expert brand strategist and also the Founder and CEO of Leberecht and Partners. He gives a TED Talk on how brands can gain a lot more by giving up control both internally with employees and externally with customers. Leberecht gives us examples of brands and companies doing just those things and building their brand by losing control.


Michael Johnson – The 7 Spokes of Branding

Michael Johnson, the Founder of award-winning branding agency Johnson Banks, gives his talk around the 7 Spokes of Branding at the D&AD “Branding Demystified” course. During this talk, Johnson shows us the early stages of branding, from just simple logos and symbols, to where branding has gone today to become this all encompassing hub from strategy, visuals, and more.

His talk is centered around the seven categories (Brand Breadth, Flexibility?, Clarity of Purpose, The Return of Manifesto, Relationships?, Authenticity, and The Greater Good?) and gives us insight into different trends, where branding is going, and the brands excelling at these categories.


Dissolve – This Is a Generic Brand Video

This isn’t really a talk but it serves as a great example of the brands that pump out the same old and lazy commercials that don’t really work anymore.

Dissolve, a stock footage company, took their own videos and put together a funny spoof commercial of what real agencies and brands often do in their own advertising. Using cliche shots of big waves and happy families, there are more than a few companies who have been guilty of using these techniques. So take a look and see if you can name any brands that pop up in your mind.


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