Agency Spotter Releases Top 50 Branding Agencies Report for December 2018

The Top 50 Branding Agencies Report evaluates more than 2,000 design agencies based on their credentials, focus and expertise in design, client feedback, and project work. This report takes a broad focus on design agencies which includes those who specialize in branding, communication design, innovation, industrial design, design strategy, user experience design, motion video, and packaging design.

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Insights on Winning Branding Agencies:

  • 66% have 10-49 staff
  • 22% have multiple locations
  • 22% are located in New York
  • 22% focus on packaging too
  • 18% are women-owned
  • 10% are located outside of the U.S.
  • 6% are minority-owned

These top branding agencies work with some of the world’s most renowned companies including Apple, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Samsung​.
top 50 branding agencies december 2018

CMA Brand Presence & Design placed first on Agency Spotter’s Top 50 Branding Agencies report for December 2018. Based in Houston, TX, they are the largest branding and packaging agency in the Southwest. This agency creates innovative and targeted packaging communications to help brands of all sizes engage with their consumers while building lasting relationships.

CMA Brand Presence & Design focuses in a wide range of services which include brand strategy, positioning, architecture, naming & logo design, and pre-production consultancy. They have a growing team with bandwidth to manage large projects, initial proposals with clear description of expectations and cost of a multi-stage design process, and most importantly, their undivided attention at every step.

CMA Brand Presence & Design’s clients include Fanta, Full Throttle, Georgia-Pacific and Kroger.

Joe Thompson, Director of Product Development/Sourcing of BASE4 Venture, LLC​ states, “…If you are looking for a quality agency to create or develop your brand, you can’t go wrong with CMA.”

“If you are looking for a quality agency to create or develop your brand, you can’t go wrong with CMA.”
—Joe Thompson, Director of Product Development/Sourcing of BASE4 Venture, LLC​

Number two on this Top 50 Branding Agencies Report is Taxi Studio. Based in United Kingdom, Taxi Studio is driven with the belief that courage and collaboration deliver great success. With multiple awards on Agency Spotter’s Top Reports, this independent agency’s services also include packaging design, brand strategy, design management, POS/Brand Activation, corporate design, and copywriting.

Top 50 Branding Agencies on Agency Spotter for December 2018

Rank Agency Name
1. CMA Brand Presence & Design
2. Taxi Studio
3. Traction
4. Tango Creative Group
5. Lazy Snail Design.
6. Driven Creative Supply Co.
7. Smith Brothers Agency
8. Agenda
9. Trajectory
10. Modo Modo Agency
11. ArtVersion
12. The Charles
13. SmashBrand
14. Coho Creative
15. ORCA
16. Ruckus
17. Lounge Lizard
18. Tailored Marketing Inc.
19. Sir Isaac
20. Global Brand Works
21. Spatium Advertising
22. Brand Kitchen
23. Actualize Marketing
25. Dalton Agency

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The design marketing agencies were selected based on Agency Spotter’s proprietary research methodology, which uses their websites’ extensive data along with qualitative and quantitative insights to evaluate many factors including each company’s qualifications, experience level, positioning and client feedback.

Agency Spotter’s top agency research reports are issued on a regular basis and are continuing to roll out across more than a dozen service areas. Interested companies are encouraged to claim their agency or apply to get listed and review the report methodology to be evaluated for future coverage.

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