Top 14 Branding Projects You Need to See

Are you looking to rebrand, revamp or reenergize your brand?

Then take some inspiration from these top branding projects and get a taste of what great branding looks like. From the repositioning of Vistaprint to the update of The TODAY Show logo, we are highlighting some great branding work that have won awards and driven real results for clients.

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Ruckus – Reading Premium

Ruckus, a NYC branding agency, was tasked with increasing interest and reviving the brand of a 125 year old beer company called Reading Premium. The branding agency updated Reading’s overall image by using inspiration from the company’s past and also implemented the brand’s first-ever web presence.

See Ruckus’ Branding Project »


Creative Tonic – RYFT

RYFT, a top provider of high performance hardware for organizations using complex data applications, engaged Creative Tonic to create a new brand identity for the company. From improving the brands website to overall identity, Creative Tonic settled on a black and white photorealistic style to differentiate the company from the bright colored logos of many tech companies.

Pam O’Neal, CMO of Ryft said, “Creative Tonic maximized every aspect of our brand and the results command attention. From cleverly crafted brand assets – including a tradeshow booth that drew record traffic – CT helped us stand out in the busy and cluttered big data market.”

See Creative Tonic’s Branding Project »


IndieWhip – Maxwell Health

IndieWhip, a top New England advertising agency specializing in video production, created this video to build momentum and traction around the launch of Maxwell Health’s new healthcare app.

Maxwell Health was eager to show off its cutting edge employee benefit platform, without creating the standard explainer video we are all used to seeing. Keeping diversity and simplicity as a key theme, IndieWhip created a world of everyday people in everyday situations, armed with the power of Maxwell. A strong sense of Maxwell branding plays out in every aspect of the design details throughout the spot.

See IndieWhip’s Branding Project »


Ideas Collide – Danzeisen Dairy

Danzeisen Dairy, a local Phoenix dairy farm, and Ideas Collide, a local Arizona marketing agency, teamed up together to develop branding, PR, design and digital marketing efforts to help establish Danzeisen Dairy as the premier brand for the freshest bottled milk. With millions of online impressions through the campaign, Ideas Collide was able to help the Phoenix dairy farm get into many local groceries.

See Ideas Collide’s Branding Project »


Good Stuff Partners – V-dog

Good Stuff Partners, a branding agency based in California, teamed up with V-dog, a vegan dog food company, to come up with a clear brand position and visual language for the company. They also helped V-dog develop their website, social media, packaging, naming and much more, essentially helping the brand build from the ground up.

See Good Stuff Partners’s Branding Project »


Van Winkle & Associates – wanted to reaffirm their leadership position in the space with a new brand campaign. The company chose VWA to lead efforts in launch a new branding television campaign that focused around the “Ancestry Leaf” and the tools that make it easier to guide you through your family’s history.

See VWA’s Branding Project »


MetaDesign – New York Philharmonic

MetaDesign, a branding agency that helps new companies become established and established companies become leaders, was approached to help one of the world’s leading orchestras establish a visual identity. The New York Philharmonic’s wanted their new identity to showcase the same boldness and swagger that resonates throughout the city of New York. What do you think of the results?

See MetaDesign’s Branding Project »


Adrenaline – BankMobile

As agency of record for BankMobile, the first truly mobile bank, Adrenaline was in charge of building the digital banking company’s full brand architecture from brand identity to messaging and more. To cater toward BankMobile’s target audience – millennials, Adrenaline needed to created visuals and copy that would catch the eye of these new-aged banking customers.

See Adrenaline’s Branding Project »


Tank Design – Rue La La

Smart Bargins, a online discount shopping company, wanted Tank Design to help them launch a new brand luxury retail site called Rue La La. Tank Design took full control in naming the brand, creating the visual identity, and developing the website.

See Tank Design’s Branding Project »


Creative Suitcase – United Way for Greater Austin

United Way for Greater Austin wanted to grow their reach around the city and also boost donations. They reached out to Creative Suitcase to help make those initiatives come to life. Creative Suitcase’s solution was to first let the people of Austin know that locally donated money would stay and be used in Austin. Next the design firm help establish UWATX’s brand identity by using bold graphics and vibrant colors like in food trucks and street murals. Then along with the branding, Creative Suitcase also created marketing material so that the staff at UWATX could continue to consistently tell the organization’s message.

The agency launched the “Make Austin Greater” brand campaign, that tied all the great things about Austin directly to United Way for Greater Austin. Marketing and branding efforts saw online donation increase 1,200% and with the projects success, Creative Suitcase donated their design skills and painted the UWATX building with the “You’re My Butter Half” wall.


Ferroconcrete – The TODAY Show

The iconic Today Show logo had become outdated and no longer represented the vision of the current program. Ferroconcrete, the branding and design firm based in Downtown LA, updated the iconic mark to become more simple and modern to fit the diversity of the current show.

See Ferroconcrete’s Branding Project »

ferroconcrete branding project the today show

zooom productions – Y Water

Y Water is a small company based in Los Angeles that makes healthy drink alternatives for kids. zooom productions and Y Water teamed up to re-launch the brand so that they could appeal more to their target market – kids.

From packaging design to new copy and also a website redesign, zoom productions geared all promotions to target children. So the different flavors of Y Water, like Brain Water, had playful messages like “Doesn’t taste like actual brains.”

See zooom productions’ Branding Project »


Beacon121 Advertising – Lord Nut Levington

Lord Nut Levington, a CPG startup that makes a “range of highly seasoned peanuts,” partnered with Beacon121 to rebrand the company’s packaging, social media and advertising efforts. Find out more.

See Beacon121’s Branding Project »


Space Chimp – Blush

Space Chimp and Blush, an Austin-based company that provides online life coaching, partnered together to develop the company’s branding and web design strategies.

See Space Chimp’s Branding Project »

space chimp branding project blush

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