The 7 Best Browser Extensions for Marketers

Marketers love their shortcuts. From email marketing hacks to social media management tools, anything that can save a few minutes of time is worth looking into for today’s busy marketers.

Here at Agency Spotter, we particularly love browser extensions. They simplify existing tools that we already can’t live without, and make it even easier for us to get the most out of the time in our day.

Take a look at our 7 best browser extensions for efficient, effective modern marketers.

1. Rapportive

rapportive browser extensions

Rapportive is one of the most useful email efficiency and outreach tools. After installing the extension, when you enter an email address to reach out to a contact, their title, social profiles, and even a photo are displayed.

You can also follow your contact on their social media profiles directly in the extension, as well as take notes about your interactions for later.

If you can’t find an email address using typical methods, use trial and error to find the right address. When you’ve hit the jackpot, the person’s correct contact information will pop up in the Rapportive window.

Available Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

2. Eye Dropper

eye dropper chrome browser extension

Need to quickly find exact colors or shades? The Eye Dropper extension lets you easily identify any color from any web page with just a few simple clicks.

When you use the extension, you simply have to direct the eye dropper tool at a color; you’re then provided with the hex color and color name. The tool allows you to “store” colors for later and reference them at random.

Whether you’re a designer, or just need to pull hex colors for a social media graphic, Eye Dropper is an indispensable design and branding tool for marketers.

Available Browsers: Chrome

3. Sidekick by Hubspot

sidekick hubspot browser extensions


Even though it offers a variety useful features, our favorite aspect of Sidekick is its ability to alert you each time a contact opens an email you’ve sent. Notifications allow you to keep track of how many times and when your emails are opened, giving you leverage when reaching back out and taking next steps.

While the actual browser extension only works with Chrome, Sidekick can be used across Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Email platforms.

Available Browsers: Chrome

4. Pocket

pocket browser extensions

As marketers, we’re constantly reading industry articles and keeping up on the latest trends. It can be difficult to aggregate all of this information, especially when it comes from so many sources.

Install the Pocket browser extension to easily save articles, videos, and webpages from any source and save them in one convenient location.

Pocket is accessible despite a lack of internet; view your saved content on any device, even if you’re offline.

Available Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox (built into browser)

5. Boomerang for Gmail

boomerang browser extensions

Boomerang is the industry standard for scheduling emails to send at a later date. If you don’t receive a reply, Boomerang sends a reminder to follow up with your contact, ensuring better relationships and more action.

Boomerang also has the capability to postpone incoming emails so that they can aggregate at a chosen time that is best for the reader, perfect for those with a cluttered inbox.

Available Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

6. Ritetag

ritetag browser extensions

This nifty browser extension is a personal favorite of social media managers and Twitter lovers everywhere. Simply enter a hashtag idea directly in a composed tweet, and see how powerful your potential hashtag is in terms of popularity and strength.

The Ritetag extension takes the guesswork out of hashtags and their viability, making it the perfect tool to optimize Twitter visibility and conversions.

Available Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

7. Taco

taco browser extensions
Looking for a better productivity tool? Taco is your one-stop shop for managing tasks across all of the platforms you use, from CRM software to notetaking apps.

Pulling from 40 different tools, like Trello and Github, Taco allows you to aggregate your to-do list into a simple, manageable interface and cut out the clutter from using multiple services at once.

Available Browsers: Chrome

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