6 Industrial Design Firms Who Won Gold at the 2015 IDEA Awards

Highlighting the best and brightest industrial design firm winners from the past year.

Brought to you by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the 35th International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) highlight the best product design from around the world. With over 1,700 entries, 28 Gold Winners were selected.

With both brands and design firms submitting projects, lets focus on the industrial design firms that took home Gold.

Gold Winners


Native – Coloplast Design DNA

Native and Coloplast won Best in Show and took home a Gold IDEA Award for Design Strategy. The winning design was Coloplast’s Design DNA, which serves as a unified design roadmap that clearly delivers Coloplast’s identity consistently through all of their products.




MINIMAL and Method Bicycle won Gold in the Automotive & Transportation category for the BLACKLINE Bicycle. The BLACKLINE is the ultimate urban utility bike that was created at the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Challenge, which is an independent invite only competition for bike craft, design and innovation. MINIMAL and Method represented Team Chicago to create a bike that could handle the physical demands of an urban city but also be refined enough to separate itself from other bikes. Featuring tons of cool gadgets, the Smart Handlebar System uses GPS enabled turn-by-turn navigation to help you get safely to your destination.


Bould Design – da Vinci Xi Surgical System

Bould Design and Intuitive Surgical won Gold in the Medical & Scientific Products category for the da Vinci® Xi™ Surgical System. This state-of-the-art medical tool acts as a natural extension of a surgeon’s body allowing them to perform invasive surgeries with enhanced precision and vision. The da Vinci Xi has 3D high definition vision, with magnifications 10x greater than the human eye.



HUGE Design – Seven Hard Drive

HUGE Design and Seagate won Gold in the Computer Equipment category for the Seven Hard Drive. The Seagate Seven is the world thinnest hard drive ever produced and has up to 500GB of data. Featuring a sleek and simple design, the Seagate Seven is also a winner of a Red Dot Design Award 2015.



IDEO – Innova Schools

IDEO and Innova won Gold in the Design Strategy category for the Innova Schools project in Peru. Virtually building a K-11 school system from the ground up, IDEO was tasked with developing the schools learning experience and strategy. From building a new curriculum to operational plans and financial models, IDEO and Innova created a world-class institution where the youth of Peru can get a great education at a affordable price.



Hurdler Studios – CLUG Bike Rack

Hurdler Studios and CLUG Brands won Gold in the Sports, Leisure & Recreation category for the CLUG Bike Rack. The CLUG Bike Rack is the world’s smallest bike rack and can turn any vertical surface into a bike rack.



Good as Gold

Now that you’ve seen some of the best industrial design firms from around the world, come check out the list of other design firms gunning for their spot. Who knows, you might be sitting on another gold mine.

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