Best Internet of Things Product Design at the 2015 IDEA Awards

Highlighting the five best Internet of Things (IoT) product designs from the IDEA Awards.

With over 1,700 entries, more than 100 winners were announced in 28 different categories at the 2015 IDEA Awards in Seattle. We’ve combed through all the winners to pull out some of the top IoT winners. Brought to you by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the 35th International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) highlight the best product design from around the world.

IoT (Internet of Things): a network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable objects to exchange data with production, operator and/or other connected devices

Adidas Smart Ball

Scott Tomlinson of Adidas won Bronze in the Sports, Leisure & Recreation category for the Adidas Smart Ball. The Adidas Smart Ball is a soccer training companion that sends the user feedback on ball contact, striking techniques and other training statistics to a paired iOS device.

adidas smart ball


Edyn Garden Sensor

The IDSA and fuseproject won Silver in the Outdoor & Garden category for the Edyn Garden Sensor. The Edyn Garden Sensor is a gardening tool that sends real-time updates to users on how their garden is preforming. In addition to providing updates, the Edyn Garden Sensor also sends tips, to a corresponding app, on how to grow a healthy garden. Just pop the sensor directly into the soil of the garden and it’s ready to go.

fuseproject edyn garden sensor


Forest Wizard

Hsiang Han Design won Bronze in the Communication Tools category for the Forest Wizard. The Forest Wizard is a system of sensors that help prevent forest fires by sending mobile alerts to travelers’, guiding travelers’ to safer routes and alerting relief workers to danger zones.

forest wizard


RE Camera

HTC Corp. won Silver in the Computer Equipment category for the RE Camera. The RE is a wide-angle lens, waterproof, easy-to-use camera that turns on automatically in your hands. Photos can be taken with a single tap and videos with a press.

The RE streams everything to your phone instantly and can be controlled with the simple iOS and Android app.

htc corp. re camera


WeMo Insight

The IDSA and Belkin International won Bronze in the Home & Bath category for the WeMo Insight. The WeMo Insight is a smart power outlet that allows users to connect lights, fans, TVs and other devices to a phone or tablet. With the WeMo Insight, users can switch devices on or off, set a schedule, check energy usage and much more.

idsa and belkin wemo insight


The Internet of Things Has Arrived

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