San Francisco Digital Agency Bleu Takes B2B Marketing To New Heights

We’re in San Francisco meeting the diverse agency talent in this creative mecca. To make things interesting, we’re asking 3 questions, sharing 2 photos, and discussing a recent milestone.

Get To Know Bleu in 3, 2, 1…

Core Service: Digital Strategy
Additional Services: Advertising, Direct Marketing, Branding, Design Strategy, Motion/Video…

3 Questions

What makes Bleu unique?

What you find at Bleu, that you don’t find often elsewhere, is a perfect sized agency that’s heavy on talent and advertising experience in a wide range of disciplines and channels. Which is why we’re so nimble and still deliver such high quality work and strategy.

In addition to that we’re excellent at humanizing B2B and high tech. Clients appreciate our innovative design, cutting-edge skills, and deep understanding of tech trends.

The fact that our business is built on long relationships with happy clients who consistently give us internal referrals is a testament to this, we believe.

Which elements of B2B marketing are key to differentiation?

In B2B, it’s important to always be telling the brand story. In everything from the campaign concept, to the creative, and obviously in the messaging. Sometimes it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd in B2B, so your brand story (who you are/what you’re about) is key to locating your audience and being memorable.

On the other hand, B2B provides so much opportunity to be creative, uniquely personable, and innovative. So, if there’s opportunity to do something different, do it. There’s no reason B2B can’t be as fun or intriguing as B2C—as long as the creative approach continues to channel your core brand objective or story.

Something else that’s really important but often goes forgotten—B2B is sometimes referred to as P2P (people to people). So true! So, remember to “be people.” Talk with people. Listen, communicate, and be clear in your actions. Because that’s how people connect and it’s what keeps a conversation moving forward. These practices lead to high quality work and can make B2B very powerful.

If Bleu could create a new holiday, what would it be and why?

We’re tireless in our passion for great ideas and have an unquenchable thirst for innovative design. So maybe an Innovator Celebration Day. Or a Big Idea Day where everybody takes time to let their imaginations run wild.

2 Photos

Bleu Marketing PhotoBleu Marketing Photo

1 Milestone

For the second year in a row, Bleu took a Davey Gold Award for Interactive Multimedia. To date, Bleu is the only agency on the west coast to win a gold.

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