5 Questions to Ask Your Next Mobile Agency


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Welcome to 5Qs, a series highlighting the must-ask questions for a successful agency search. Let’s find your next great mobile agency together.

Maybe your brand needs an app to engage with tweens. Or there’s a new consumer packaged good in your pipeline that needs a mobile advertising campaign. And wait, your company’s website isn’t optimized for mobile?! Sounds like you need a really great mobile agency.

Your first step is to search for mobile agencies on Agency Spotter and quickly narrow down your options from thousands of agencies to a manageable shortlist. Now you’re already ahead of the game. So what questions do you ask a prospective agency to get the app, campaign, or mobile site your brand needs? These:

1. In which area of mobile marketing does your team excel and how did they gain this expertise?

“Mobile” is a big umbrella. Be sure the mobile expertise of your next agency aligns with what your brand needs. It’s a bad idea to hire an agency that specializes in mobile display advertising when you need a mobile app. The answer to this question will also illustrate how the agency has (or has not) cultivated a niche.

2. What are the unique challenges and opportunities for mobile in my business’ industry?

Use this question to see if the agency has really thought about how they can help you within your industry. Do they see a challenge that you haven’t or an opportunity that could give your brand a competitive edge?

3. Do you design/develop in-house with your own resources or partner with a third party?

Needless to say, the response to this questions should not contradict the answer to Question 1. It can be hard for an agency, especially smaller ones, to have all the in-house manpower necessary for producing All Things Mobile. Do ask how third party partnerships could affect project timelines and budget.

4. How have you used Responsive Web Design [RWD] and HTML5?

Responsive Web Design is an approach that, if used correctly, optimizes the viewing experience across screen/device sizes. Think fluid, easy reading for your users with less scrolling and resizing. HTML5 is the most current web language, developed with a focus on mobile/tablet sites, complex web applications and multimedia integration. Know before the pitch: is it a priority for you to have a mobile agency with one or both of these skills?

5. Can you show me an example of a mobile project that delivered significant ROI for a client with similar goals to mine?

Prior work is often a good indicator of future work. Did the agency’s past mobile work significantly increase customer acquisition or e-commerce sales? Furthermore, you want to hire a mobile agency that can deliver ROI, especially when you go report results to your boss.

Make Your Next Mobile Agency Search Better

Here’s the secret to any successful agency search: before you start, know what kind of agency you want, the outcomes you want to achieve and how you’ll measure those outcomes. This foundation will help guide your search on Agency Spotter, encourage critical comparison of candidates and drive focused conversations with your short-listed agencies.

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