San Francisco Advertising Agency Arson Sparks A Conversation

We’re in San Francisco meeting the diverse agency talent in this creative mecca. To make things interesting, we’re asking 3 questions, sharing 2 photos, and discussing a recent milestone.

Get To Know Arson in 3, 2, 1…

Core Service: Advertising
Additional Services: Branding, Digital Strategy, Graphic/Communication, User Experience

3 Questions

What makes Arson unique?

We created Arson with a combination of experience and nimbleness. We’ve worked at big agencies and have experience in just about every medium. That experience, across all channels, lets us be unbiased when helping companies craft their communications. Whatever’s best to meet their goals – that’s what we’ll do.

We’ve also worked at small shops and know the importance of making things happen quickly. We avoid layers of unnecessary process and expense. With Arson, you get big agency thinking with small agency responsiveness.  It’s a combination our clients really like.

Which elements of branding are most challenging to marketers today?

It’s funny to think that Social Media is still a mystery to many brands, but it’s true. We see many companies on Facebook or Twitter with no rationale behind their pages, no strategy for communicating, and no goals or expectations.

Brands need to spend time really being honest about why they want a Social Media presence. Some brands use it as a customer service channel. Some simply use it for news. Others just want to interact with their consumers in a way that will change people’s perception of the brand.

All those are perfectly appropriate uses of Social Media – but you need to have a plan going in and a full commitment to this kind of conversation with consumers. You don’t want to be the marketing person who plunks a bunch of money into Social Media and when your boss asks for the ROI you don’t have a satisfactory answer.

If Arson could create a new law, what would it be and why?

We would require anyone who uses the terms “Guru”, “Ninja” or “Rockstar” on their business cards to actually be a guru, ninja or rockstar.

2 Photos

Advertising Agency Arson on Agency Spotter

Advertising Agency Arson on Agency Spotter

1 Milestone

We just started working with a foundation that helps abused girls. We’re creating their entire brand from the ground up, starting with a name and logo and going from there. But beyond the work, it’s really rewarding to have a true partnership with a client who is doing something good for the world.

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