Let’s Reinvent How Businesses and Creative Agencies Connect

Brian Regienczuk picAfter years of seeing both businesses and agencies waste tons of time trying to find one another, I decided to focus on creating a sustainable solution that will help reinvent how the trillion dollar marketing services industry shops for partners. At Agency Spotter, we are forging a digital platform that saves businesses and agencies significant time and money while providing tools to strengthen the best partnerships.

Our long term aim is to organize the marketing services industry.

Agency Spotter makes it easy for professionals to find the right creative agency and design firm, and it helps advertising and marketing agencies be found and showcase what they are great at. Reinventing this marketplace will not be easy, but we believe the time is right and invite everyone to join us in making it easier for brands and agencies to connect and do great work together.

When you see an industry that’s been around for ages, is exploding across digital, and has more than a trillion dollars being spent each year, you wonder how can some areas of this marketplace be so antiquated?

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To start, professionals on both sides of the marketplace agree that reducing search time from today’s average of three to six months would be a huge win. As the advertising and marketing services industry approaches $1 Trillion dollars in revenue worldwide, market trends paint a picture of an industry ripe for change:

  • 67% of CMOs are not satisfied with their agency rosters
  • More than 120,000 creative agencies in the US alone means the landscape is challenging to navigate even for seasoned professionals
  • Businesses are moving work from all-in-one agencies to more specialized establishments, causing growth in the number of agencies and increasing the frequency of searches
  • The digital agency landscape continues to explode
  • Googling for an agency is risky and wading through the millions of page results is time consuming and not very rewarding but has been happening more and more frequently

Marketers are spending tons of time and struggling to find the right agency partners. And, at the same time, agency business development and account managers are spending even more time and money trying to reach the right brand partners. We knew there was a better way, and that is why we started Agency Spotter.

On top of all of this, employees on both the agency and hiring business side are asked to do more with less in our new economy. So, saving them time while also increasing their confidence in the decisions they make will be a huge win for everyone.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey by signing up and starting your agency search today!

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