Private Beta Launched At TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

Agency Spotter’s private beta and new teaser video went live in NYC

May 2012 — Co-Founders Joseph Raccuglia and Brian Regienczuk launched Agency Spotter’s private beta site in Startup Alley. Agency Spotter is a new digital platform that makes it easy for businesses to find great creative agencies fast. Whether you’re a marketer at a big corporation or a small business who needs a agency partner, it is hard to find the right agency and feel good about your decision. Agency Spotter is looking to change all that.

Agency Spotter is the place to go if you are searching for an agency who is great in an area like advertising, PR, interactive, social media, mobile, branding, product design and so on.

Going from months to minutes, isn’t that refreshing? We hope to help you get to a shortlist quickly and give you more confidence in your decisions. Agency Spotter can take most of the time, an average three to six month, spent searching down to minutes.

The TechCrunch event was a blast for us. We were able to demo the site for a wide range of people and still get amazing reactions like “I needed this last month!” and “There is such a need for this. When will it be live?” This is something we’ve been hearing since day one from people in the advertising and marketing industry, but to hear it from other startups, investors, corporations and others all under one roof is pretty incredible.

Before heading to New York, both founders were in Boston and had the chance to share Agency Spotter with several mentors. Now that the private beta site is live, they will continue to expand their network of business and agency users participating while gathering insights and continuing to work towards a public beta with secured customers from day one.

Brian Regienczuk
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