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Top Atlanta agencies and design firms abound across Atlanta’s thriving marketing and advertising scene. Over the coming weeks, we will be turning the spotlight on top agencies as well as some upstarts you need to know.

We’ll hear from Atlanta marketers and will be bringing you city stats you may not think about every day. We hope our coverage helps you think differently about Atlanta. When we dug in, we realized how Atlanta really is a major digital marketing hub with amazing brands, a deep pool of creative talent from all over the world, and rapidly evolving marketing technology ecosystem.

Atlanta agencies don’t just work for all the amazing local and regional brands. We will be taking you to meet agencies who work locally and for brands across the nation and around the world. From a hometown agency who grew up to consistently rank in the top 3 US advertising agencies to the design firm creating the future of consumer flight, we hope you enjoy a look across the city we call home.

Photo by: Tim Dorr