ATL: Meet Atlanta Mobile Agency BlueFletch

Enterprise mobile is their game. BlueFletch is their name.

Atlanta mobile agency BlueFletch Mobile

BlueFletch is about building quality mobile apps for enterprise. They’ve got the mobile expertise that helps funded start-ups and Fortune 500s. Want to break into wearables? They can help. How about location-based services? They’ve got that covered too.

You might start imagining that BlueFletch’s office as a basement filled with developers. The truth is far from that. Sunlight streams into their office, colorful mock-ups cover whiteboards, dogs nap under desks, and one fridge is devoted to beer. This is place where the mobile frontier is bravely explored. Want to join them? Keep reading!

Location: The Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, minutes from downtown Atlanta
Core Service: Mobile
Additional Services: Mobile, Mobile, and Mobile

13 Must-Know Facts About BlueFletch Mobile

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In Atlanta Since: 2008# of Employees: 26

# of Employees Living ITP vs OTP: 21 vs. 6

# of Four-Legged Employees: Between a mix of 10 dogs, we usually have 2 in the office at all times (to keep things civil)

In 10 Words or Less, What We Do for Our Clients: We build mobile apps for businesses.

3 Characteristics We Look for in Potential Clients:

1. Technical employees on staff

2. Innovative technology

3. Mobile opportunities

Most Interesting Physical Thing in Our Office: Our London-style Telephone booth

Preferred Office Snack: Naturebox Sriracha Cashews

Company Mantra: Be a problem solver.

Favorite Social Media Channel: Twitter

The #1 Thing We Love About Atlanta: The untapped opportunities

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Cool Projects They’re Involved In: Atlanta Mobility Radio

Clients They’ve Worked With: Mobile payment platform Bluebird and enterprise mobility management company Airwatch

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Claire Wallace