9 Atlanta Tech Tweets You Missed Last Week (And Need to See)

Move over Fortune 500’s. Atlanta’s tech and startup scene is full of forward momentum.

Meet the Atlanta tech scene in 9 tweetsAgency Spotter is proud to be part of a startup scene making headlines. Last week Atlanta witnessed big rounds of startup funding, a 5-day digital conference, and a hush-hush Tesla test-drive. Every US city is trying to out-silicon Silicon Valley, from New York’s Silicon Alley to Portland’s Silicon Forest. But watch out, because the Silicon Peach is making a name for itself, one tweet at a time.

We pulled together the best from last week that show the momentum that is the Atlanta tech and startup ecosystem.

The Silicon Peach, in Tweets

Like we said, making headlines.

Although we recognize that before big headlines, there are often pivots and bumps in the road.

We dare you to check out all 166.

Has your city become too expensive? (Cough, San Francisco.) Too hipster? (Cough cough, Brooklyn.) Atlanta is here for you.


Atlanta is home to one of the South’s largest digital conferences, SouthWiRED. Now in its fifth year, the event draws together digital practitioners across a wide range of industries. Some of those practitioners enjoy tequila shots.

Matti Griffin, co-founder of mobile agency Vert, shared insights:

For a quick introduction to why UX is important to your brand, flip through Andrew’s presentation.

And when you go to look for that agency, Agency Spotter is here to provide a more confident search.

Why Do We Love the Atlanta Tech Scene?

Because here it’s all about momentum.

Keep An Eye on the Silicon Peach

Atlanta’s combination of industry, transportation, and smarts are hard to beat when it comes to supporting a vibrant tech and startup community. Add fluffy biscuits into the mix as fuel and you’re working with fire. While you’re here, also check out this city’s creative agencies and design studios. You search them all with confidence on Agency Spotter!

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